Where Do Faeries Live? – mini-podcast

Ireland rainbowWhere do faeries live… and is that important, right now?

In this three-minute mini-podcast, Fiona Broome talks about the classic descriptions of where faeries live. [Listen now]

She also gives examples of traditional ways to reach the faerie realm.

They share a degree of cognitive dissonance.  That is, a deliberate disconnect from what most people consider “reality,” and an attempt to cross apparent boundaries between our world and where the faeries live.

Is that important in crossing the barriers that separate our two realms?

From a research standpoint, is it important (or even safe) to deliberately journey in their world?

For now, Fiona proposes studying faeries and where they enter our world.  Once we better understand how they interact with us and this environment, we may be prepared (and welcomed) in their realm.

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Where do faeries live? Mini-podcast

5 thoughts on “Where Do Faeries Live? – mini-podcast”

  1. Can you make some articles on ways of entering the faerie realm, and protections to use there? Possibly magickal ones?

  2. Dear Faerieologist, I been in love with the faeries since I discovered Brian Froud artwork. I’ve been studying oher artwork from Arthur Rackham, John Baurer, Edmund Dulac , and Warwick Globe. My grandmother was native american and she is in fact a shaman, and she have many experience with faeries, and also kindly angels.
    I bben interested with trolls, and Can you tell me about trolls? Can you do a podcast on trolls? I heard of many great faery book, and the most beautiful one is Faery Tale by Signe Pike. I hope you many wonderful days.

  3. Greetings,

    I’ve perhaps found this podcast and this site very late in the game, however, I’m interested to see some of your research. Mine has pointed out some interesting coincidences. My research has mainly been in the Tuatha-De-Daanan, and the Sidhe race. I’d love to compare notes sometime if you’ve a mind. I come from a very Celtic background.

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