The Return of the Faeries ?

Are faeries returning to our world?

Are faeries returning to our world?

It’s been nearly 100 years since people in the Western world generally accepted the reality of faeries.

Starting with the Industrial Revolution, a belief in faeries stopped being so accepted.

Then, with an increasing intrusion by the world of science, and influences by philosophers such as Karl Marx — claiming that, to be real, something must be able to be weighed or measured — by the middle of the 20th century, most people dismissed faeries as “make believe.”

Some cultures — including those in Celtic countries — quietly maintained a belief in faeries.  However, most “advanced” thinkers didn’t talk about faeries in real terms.

Suddenly, people are becoming more aware of faeries in our world.  Whether the faeries ever left… that’s a discussion for another day.  Maybe they were always here, but people refused to see them or explained them in other ways.

All I know is this:  More and more people are describing faerie-like encounters.  Often, when people tell me their stories, they’re baffled.

They aren’t telling me about “imaginary friends.”  They’re talking about unexplained lights that they see in their homes or gardens.

A few days ago, a friend said that his apartment might be haunted.  He talked about hearing his name called, just as he was drifting off to sleep.  Then, he noticed a small ball of light.  It blinked on and off, three times, and then it was gone.

Right away, I recognized a typical appearance of faeries.  In addition, the number three is significant in Celtic cultures.

I didn’t say much about it at the time.  He already knows I work with paranormal subjects, such as ghosts.  He’s okay with that.  However, I’m not sure he’s ready to believe in faeries.

I thought about this for a couple of days, and realized how often I’m hearing similar stories.  People usually think they’re telling me about a ghost.  I know they’re describing something else: Faeries.

This is happening more and more often, now.

Did the faeries leave our world for awhile, when people stopped believing in them?  I’m not sure.

However, it looks like the faeries have returned to our world and to our consciousness.

I think that’s a very good thing.

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  1. Please read this I really want to hear you comment:
    Do you really believe in faeries or are you just crazy. Not really trying to be mean but I still believe they are fiction but if their real can you send me an real pic or just give me some more proof of them if your still into this thing

  2. Please read i really want to hear your comment:
    Do your realy believe in faeries or are you just crazy. And if you do please send a pic of one an real one or give me more proof cause i still believe that they are still fiction but only send if your still into this type of stuff if not please dont try to humur me please.

    1. Elisha,

      I guess you’ll just have to think I’m crazy. I don’t humor anyone. Ever.

      In haste,
      Fiona Broome

  3. <3 Thank you, I enjoyed your post and am more than happy to share on Facebook. I Believe in Faeries…I feel connected to the Fae and ironically, my favorite number has always been 3. Have a Magickal Day!!! <3

  4. Thank you for posting :) Its wonderful to hear that it is becoming widely known of the magick of faeries. About a year ago, I was introduced to the fact that there actually people here that still have faerie blood in them and that faeries are still around, if we simply listen.
    faeries are that glint of light reflecting off a flower petal’s dewdrop. :)

  5. I have believed in faeries for many years. I have researched and photographed them in their element here in the USA. I was sure I was the only one that really believed they existed because of all the usless web pages I read. Everyone thinks they exits but no one can actually prove it.
    You may not believe me, but I have actual pictures of them. I sent a picture of some to “Real Faries” web site. They were excited about getting them but never answered my mail after they received them. Guess they wanted to use them for themselves. Sooo I am looking for someone seriouly interested in knowing the truth. I am 70 years old and been doing this for some time. I even have pictures of their little electric generators, their pristess in their white robes, monks, crosses they place in the water to make it pure (I guess), their out side place where the greenies go to bath before they don their green suits and go to what looks like a church. Also have pictures of their wooden structured buildings (looks like houses and one small dormitory.) Please don’t answer unless you really want to know the truth. Thanks Chuck.

  6. One more thing I forgot to post to my last message, is information about their animals. They are small, yet they have one that I have never seen before, a real black furry creature, and they have plenty of them. Just thought you would like to know. Their whole relm is well organized. I feel like I am betraying them, by telling this much. Chuck

  7. Faeries are most certainly “real”. I have seen them for ages, as light orbs, or vortexes. I am currently working with them in collaboration, creating tiny seats and thrones for them that act as portals. These crystal and mineral seats give them ease of access to this dimension and contact with the humans who are available. They communicate with me telepathically, giving me their requirements for their own individual seat, as it must produce the tone that is in harmony for them.
    The fae that come to me are precious, dear, and so loving. I have had enough (100’s) of sightings in various locations to be certain of their presence, to say nothing of holding one in my hand ~ feeling them run through my hair ~ having them “borrow” over a dozen pieces of my jewelry over the course of many weeks, only to return it in a little pile in the middle of my floor when I was ranting it wasn’t funny anymore…the list goes on, but they are real, and will work closely with anyone who is interested in healing and opening their heart. Try calling them, you have nothing to loose and so very much to gain….

  8. lol, to edit the above, I was not referencing you Fiona, in my last comment. I was responding rather to those who are doubters. Obviously, your eyes are wide open, peering into many realms….

    1. No problem, Michelle! I knew that you and I are on the same wavelength regarding the fae world and its reality!

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  9. Fey are for sure real. I have worked with them on many occasions. I believe that thing with fey is you have to believe in them for them to spark an interest with you. Or they have to want to get revenge or play tricks on you for something you did against them. People Always seem to think there fake but if you open up your eyes there are SOOOO many things that they interact in.Thanks btw for this article! Was refreshing!

  10. This is beyond interesting. I have read books my entire life about faeries, mermaids and dragons. I never exactly took serious thinking about their reality before. I’m open-minded, but never thought to consider. Chuck, I would love to learn more about your information as well as Fiona and Michelle. I can’t say I have a story about the fair folk and my experience with them, but I can take a leap a faith. So, please, I would LOVE to learn more. I hope to hear back from you all soon. This is something I would love to learn more about.

  11. I most certainly believe in faeries! I have seen them at twilight out of the corner of my eye. little lights in the flowers yet when looked at head on they are not there.
    Dragons are most certainly real as well. I believe cats have some dragon in them. they certainly are similar in the look in their eyes, the way they like high places and believe they are most superior to us!!

  12. Hi, I’m really interested in Faeries and other Fey. I love your website! Recently I’ve read a book about Faeries and they aren’t little creatures with wings. Do you believe that they can take on a human form and only certain people can see them? Please answer!

  13. i love this information. i teach english in italy, and my town is very near nature. i have so often felt this place magical, between sea and mountains, with so much beauty, and frequently feel as though faeries or other elemental energies have been reaching out. what a sensation! to communicate with another realm, like learning (yet another) foreign language.

  14. While there are many species of life spirites are the easeiest to learn how to morph, into light balls, animals,you name it. Now there is this possum that comes to me 2 or 3 times a month just to ck in and brings her little one’s with her and when I get up they morph into little humans hanging on to my leg and pants laughing like little children do Robert

  15. This is very interesting. I wish I could believe in the fey, as I have been super interested in them for the longest time. I believe in them to a certain extent, but not as much as I’d like to. I guess I’m just not in “tune” with nature to see them.

    1. Hello, Mason,

      I think most people aren’t 100% certain about the fey. Hardly anyone actually sees them, ever, and most people (including me) don’t see them reliably or predictably.

      I’m not sure how much it is belief, how much it is being “in tune” with nature, and how much is the eagerness (or reluctance) or faeries to be seen. I mean, I don’t think they want to be the subject of the next reality show trend… a subject that a few producers have talked with me about. *shudder*

      My problem with ghost-related reality shows is how the shows are produced, not the subject matter itself. A lot of whatever-ghosts-are seem to want attention, so I have no problem with them being featured on TV shows.

      However, the faeries seem not to want attention for themselves (as opposed to the issues they defend, such as the preservation of forests and wetlands), so I think they actually go out of their way to remain hidden. For example, the Green Man is considered at least partly fey, and he’s about as camouflaged as it gets.

      So, I hope people don’t internalize it when they don’t see faeries. It may have nothing to do with the person, and everything to do with how reticent the faeries are about being seen.

      I hope that helps!


  16. So there is a chance that no matter how much I search and do things they like I may never even get a hint of them? Oh well, some things just aren’t possible I guess.

    1. Hello again, Mason,

      It’s possible. Faeries are like people and other beings; they don’t appear on command, and they’re independent-minded.

      No matter how much people search and do things that are supposed to attract Bigfoot, they may never see one. Bird watchers have the same anguish. So do some underwater scientists.

      It’s possible you’ll see a faerie, but not a sure thing.


  17. Just wondering if it’s possible to feel fae but not see them. I sometimes feel somethings run on my leg when I’m laying in bed but look and don’t see anything and the feeling stops. I’d be interested to learn anything anyone knows on fae. my email address is

  18. I had my first Fairy encounter a while back. I noted it was on a wednesday night. There is a pond almost bog across the street from my house. It belongs to an occult down the street. I enjoy the night and stars, and ive always wanted to visit that pond at night, it is ecompased by a forest and there are obly 2 openings to it (one next to the occult and one infront of my house). I gazed out my window and saw a red light floating in mid air over the middle of the pond. I thought I was seeing things, I rubbed my eyes and took another look and it was still there. The occult was letting out its people after a service and every time a cars head lights would shine on the pond the red light dissappeared. It reappeared when the head lights left.
    I looked around and found one more red light hovering around my neighbor’s vehical it blinked twice and dissappeared. After it had vanished I looked for the first light and saw it was gone.
    I was so happy to have witnessed what I belive to be fae.

  19. I have never seen any faeries, but I have felt their presence and heard them a couple of times. My favorite was when I was going for a walk in the woods, and I heard them say, “Sing for us!” I am not a particularly good singer, but I sing with great joy, and I sang for them then.

    Once during a walk, I found a white stone in the shape of a crescent moon, about eight inches in diameter. I picked it up and put it in my pants pocket, where it was heavy enough that it dragged my pants down as I walked. I thought about what I would do with it — maybe bring it home and put it on a shelf. At the end of my walk, the stone was gone. Then, several months later, I found it by the side of the path. This time I knew what to do with it — I took it to a gracious tree I call The Lady Tree, and laid it near the trunk, away from the path. It is still there.

  20. Hi,
    i loved that article…i havnt yet seen a faerie but i have felt a close presence of them in my house and garden they wont show them selves probly because i have 3 cats or they r just shyxx:)

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