The Little People – and big people

This article was from around 2000, when I lived in Nashua, NH, USA.

The Little People

A few times, always outside or just inside our patio door, I’ve seen little people.

This is so preposterous, I’m hesitant to admit to it.

However, they seem to be there, even though I’ve only seen them about four or five times in the past three years.

They’re about three feet tall. They look exactly like those ceramic garden figures.

You know, the Munchkin-looking figures with the tall, usually red, pointy caps…?  Garden gnomes, like in the Travelocity commercials…?

That’s what I’ve seen, except they’re translucent. And we stare at each other for about half a second, the figure nods or moves slightly, and he vanishes.

They’re always male. They always look just like the ceramic figures or sketches in the book, Gnomes.

They always freeze when they see me, just as I freeze when I see them. It’s something that I see out of the corner of my eye, and they’re still there for that split second while I turn my head to see them full-face.

And then they’re gone. And I chuckle a little, feel a little nervous, and continue with whatever I was doing.

I have no idea what they are. I get the idea they’re playing games with the squirrels who frequent our patio, but I’m not certain if the squirrels are thrilled with this.

And, it’s become worse since I added plastic flamingos to our patio display, out of sheer kitsch.

Big people

Okay, it’s just one.

He’s a tall male, with straight, shoulder-length light brown hair. He’s probably in his 30s. He wears a cloak, as some people do at Renaissance Faires. In fact, he looks exactly like he’s at a RenFaire.

When I see him in real life, it’s usually when he’s walking up the corridor (away from me) between our living room and the bedroom areas.

He’s translucent, usually glances back to look directly at me when I see him, smiles and sometimes nods in acknowledgement, and then he fades in less than a second.

The only time I’ve seen him for any length of time in a dream, was in the first dream I had where he showed me another way to the Otherworld. (We were in NYC and we went through a high, round window in a church. Go figure. I mean, really, it was just a dream.)

Other than that, I only catch these fleeting glimpses of him.

He seems nice enough, but fairly businesslike. It’s as if he’s here for a specific purpose, and has no plans to waste time on anything else.

I’ve seen a couple of other figures, always at least as large as a human male, but they fade so quickly, I can’t describe them except they seem more bluish than anything. They aren’t the same as the man in the cloak.

Other figures and anomalies

Other than the little people and the big ones, I see things out of the corner of my eye. A large shadow racing across the floor. A few sparkles that are there just for a second when I look straight at them (no, not head rush) and then they’re gone.

These things happen three or four times in a week, and then nothing for a week or even a month. No pattern to it.


There are many different kinds of manifestations. I consider all of these “faeries,” though some may object to my inclusive use of that word.

They’re not ghosts. Ghosts are totally different, with a completely different style. (I talk about them at  Ghosts generally want attention. These things don’t seem to care if I see them or not. In fact, they don’t expect me to see them.

Are they really faeries? I don’t know.

My “gut feeling” is that they’re fae. And that’s what I’ll call them until someone gives me a better explanation.

Photo credits
Garden gnome (blue) by Caleb Wells, Idaho, USA
Fantasy people by Ophelia Cherry, Milan, Italy

13 thoughts on “The Little People – and big people”

    1. To faeriegirl:

      Glamoury is a wonderful talent, and many faeries seem to have it. Some of them probably use it to increase the appearance of size… or reduce it.

      I’m fascinated with the art and science of glamoury. Thanks for mentioning it!

  1. I’m like a little kid in a candy store with fairies and stuff that isn’t the norm nowadays. I just have found it so fasinating! I’m so jealous you can see actual fairies! ^^ I’m gonna see if I can’t attract them…but then again, I’ve got nine dogs…and I don’t think they’d like that (too bad). Have you ever heard of a fey called a Kelpie. I think they have to be my favorite. I’m just so happy they’re hardcore believers out there. I mean, I have always wanted to believe (’cause they’re awesome), but I think reading this site really got me to believe fully. Thank you SO much! ^^

  2. thankyou for this article Fiona, it has answered some of my Questions…and some of the things that happen, and i completely agree with you on the fact that Faeries are different to ghosts.
    once again thanks, this website opened heaps up to me and i will continue to use it!

  3. i have seen fae since i was a little girl. i am 12 right now and i still do. the first i met is a littler faerie named lila. i see her and speak to her more than any other. she is very wise and she gave me a 4 leaf clover. i just wanted to share this with you. have a good day!

  4. aww katie! she gave you a 4 leaf clover, thank you for sharing, I would like to paint that :)
    whatever you do dont believe anyone when they tell you they arent real, people only say that because they cant see them.

  5. How can you believe in anything, if you can’t believe in your own reallity. If someone you believe and trust in says, “Faries don’t exits” would you look for them as you live your life. I know they exist and have lived your hopes of seeing them. Chuck

  6. Thank you for this, when I was a kid around maybe 10 years old (I’m 17 now), I could have sworn I saw two creatures that looked like garden gnomes moving in someones back yard but I looked away and looked back and they were completely still, after that I never saw them in that yard again… now I know I wasn’t just imagining it…

  7. hi:).I have always believed in fairies and I looked up how to attract them.They said jewels, music, art, treats, and bubbles.(+more)I’ve tired jewels and bubbles today and had no luck. I really want to see fairies and I’m going to keep trying. Someone on youtube also said that you have to invite them to you, or like say please come to me. I don’t really know what to do at this point but keep trying , cause nothing is working and i’m trying my hardest and will always. Until I can see those friendly faes.

  8. Hi. I’m Francisco Grilo. I am from Portugal, 13-years-old, and I’ve always been interested by Faeries and other paranormal subjects.

    I love your website and everything related to the Fey. I’ve had some minor experiences and I’m looking forward to communicate more clearly with the Faeries. I like to see that I share with you many ideas and thoughts about the Fae Folk.

    About the gnomes, I have some words to say. Gnomes are my favourite kind of magickal being – I believe in them and have a big connection to them – In my researches I can be almost 100% sure that gnomes – contrary to Faeries, Duendes, etc. – Are NOT elementals; they’re physical creatures (ALWAYS) and can’t travel between worlds. However, there are beings called the Earth Gnomes. As their name suggests, these are the so referred gnomes that are part of the Earth element, and who you can work with. It is much more difficult to see, communicate and interact with a gnome than it is with a Faerie, Earth Gnome, or any elemental being. These are my thoughts, anyway, but I’d like to know what you think. There are female gnomes just as there are male gnomes, but female gnomes tend to stay at their homes whereas male gnomes do most outdoors work. They are more active during dawn and dusk, and especially during the night. Both gnomes and Earth Gnomes have kings (in the case of the Earth Gnomes, this is the name given to the leader of a clan, tribe or group), but the Earth Gnomes have a High King – the king of all Earth elementals – Ghob (or “Gob”).

    I have a garden where I put out little offerings for the Faeries – It’s principally dedicated to the “Duendes”, but Faeries in general are just as welcomed. It is a “tank” filled with earth and stones, and I decorated it with much care and love. There, there are food offerings*, coins, marbles, plants, etc…

    I’d like to know your thoughts about this – I am vegan, so most of the time, instead of milk and honey, I set out soy milk and maple syrup for the Faeries. Do you think they like it as much as the most “traditional” options? This doesn’t always happen though – as I am the only vegan in the house, I do have access to cow’s milk and honey, which I set out for them, but rarely. They also seem to be fond of apple slices with cinnamon, and chocolate brownie – this is a frequent gift I set for them.

    I’ve had some experiences with these interesting, wonderful beings – When I was around 8-10 years-old, I was walking in the woods with my parents and my sister. Not only I saw it, but also my parents (gladly, they believe in this things; my father’s a very professional medium, and fairly well-known for his job in this area). A little orb, a spark of light. It was white colored, and I think I saw about four wings. My dad says he could see the whole body, just like a little person, surrounded by a very strong white aura.
    More recently, in the already referred garden I have for the faeries, many things happen – the plants grow very fast and recovery amazingly well if they get damaged. I placed a grape there as an offering. It stayed pretty, round, ripe and strong until after some four or five months – only after that it began to get squishy and rotten.
    There have also grown mushrooms there – and only in there. No other part of our balcony/porch (where we keep the vases and plants) have had mushrooms growing in it or near it.
    Two or three days ago, I was talking cheerfully with my sister when, out of nothing, we heard the sound of a falling coin. When we looked, we saw a one cent coin in the floor, just below her room’s door. It looked like it had fallen from somewhere above, and we couldn’t figure out from where it had come. She is very skeptical in these subjects (though she does believe and has interest in ghosts and spirits), and was quite scared (even a little worried or frightened, I’d say) by it, but I giggled because I knew it was a sign from the Duendes.
    I also left a message for them, so they would help me sell some items I had put for sale. In the first weeks, even months, nothing was seeming to be selling well, but as I kept my faith and hope, we are now doing incredibly well on selling these items – I had forgotten about this message, and when I found it written below the Faery garden. I promptly thanked them and left another message saying that I’d like a more clear communication and relationship with them. With this message, I left the habitual offerings (apple with cinnamon and sugar, a little cup with maple syrup, another cup with soy milk and a piece of chocolate brownie).
    Some years ago, I heard music playing during the night. This didn’t happen just once! Sometimes I could hear a delightful and relaxing music box tune, other times it sounded like a talented choir singing (I could distinguish male and female voices in the singing). It was very clear. The most interesting part is, no one else heard it, so we can cross out the theory that it was related to my neighbours (quite often, we can hear them sing or play, even in the late evening, but this was not like the usual, and sometimes I had been waked up during dawn by this). I think something similar happened recently.
    I’d like to talk and interactmore clearly (I’m looking forward to buy a Crystal Ball, so it the elementals don’t feel enough comfortable yet to manifestate physically, we could share ideas this way. They can use the Crystal Ball as a communication device.) to the Faeries, but I think that the fact that I live in a city, though it’s a quiet and small one, could make it a little harder.

    Well, these are my main experiences and ideas about the Fae Folk. I’d like to know your thoughts. ☺

    Best regards!! ♥ Keep your site updated, please, as I find it very helping and interesting…

  9. Adding to my last comment – The garden also has many crystals and stones. I also lit up candles (specially green, yellow and brown, and scented ones) and incense for them. Which incense do you think is the best to attract the Fey? I know they like it, specially the sylphs and sylphids, but I wonder if there’s any scent they prefer.

    Sometimes, I also give them caramel almonds, caramel cashew nuts, and other candy, specially colorful candies, and shiny objects.
    I also set music to play on my computer for them – cheerful, happy music, generally Gaelic themes like “Dúlamán” and other folk songs. More rarely, I play songs in my flute (recorder). I’m not the best, but I try to keep it good when playing for the Fey. I quite often visit woods and gardens – I like to observe every detail and watch calmly, feeling the energies place and feeling connected to the Earth, and to the elementals.

    Thank you again. ☺

  10. I have been fascinated with faeries, elves, gnomes, brownies… etc., for all of my life. I played with them in a field near my home when I was a little girl. I lost the ability to see them for a long time. I started seeing them again about 8 years ago.
    I have done a little bit of faery Magic and have had quite a bit of success. They do not like my dog and my dog does not like them either and so she always makes it a point to pee right where I believe their home is.
    The first time I did a faery spell I woke up to a carpet of violets in my back yard.
    This year, on Midsummer’s Eve, I went outside and lit a candle and did a faery spell and a luminescent mist, in the form a cloaked figure, appeared about 10 feet from me. I tried to focus. It was there for at least 30 seconds and then it just vanished. I did not take my eyes off of it. I felt very safe.
    I also see flashes of gold or blue light. I sometimes see it flashing amongst the lightening bugs at night.

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