Faeries and ‘Imaginary’ Friends

fairyland255Parents often contact me because they’re afraid that a child’s ‘imaginary’ friend is actually a ghost.

In most cases, they don’t need to worry.  I believe that the vast majority of invisible friends (or friends that only the child can see) are faeries.

Shy faeries may choose to remain invisible.  Other faeries have their own reasons for appearing translucent or as a simple ball of light.   Some might be scary to a small child… and even more scary to a skeptical adult!

However, the loss of a childhood ‘imaginary’ friend is one of the great tragedies of growing up.  It’s so traumatic for some people that, when they become parents, they want to banish the entity — as a ghost — before the child can become emotionally attached to it.

If you had an imaginary friend when you were little, think about this:  What if that friend had been real, after all?

When children are very small, they’re too young to know that ‘faeries aren’t real’.  So, they encounter them… sometimes every day.

It’s a happy friendship.

I think that we’re doing children and faeries a huge disservice by insisting that those friends are merely imaginary.  It’s even worse when parents decide that they’re ghosts, and try to drive them away.

crocus-75Do you think that ‘imaginary’ friends might be faeries?

I’d like to hear your opinions.  Leave a comment to share your thoughts.