Faeries – An Overview

Fiona Broome relaunches her faerie-related podcasts with this 12-minute overview of faeries and popular misconceptions about them.

This podcast repeats many concepts from her earlier (2006) podcast series, with some updates.

Key points:

1. Faeries are not ghosts, and though they may be related to humans, they aren’t actually human, either.  Faeries are not divine, but may seem so, particularly when compared with the idea of guardian angels and other popular spiritual concepts.

2. Faeries may live in or under our world (this includes Hollow Earth ideas) or in a parallel reality.

3. Faeries can be small — like the Tinkerbell images — or even larger than humans.

4. Faeries may be sweet (Tinkerbell), pranksters (Puck or Rumplestiltskin), or even malicious and demonic.  However, they aren’t related to traditional concepts of Satan or the devil.

5. The location — specifically the characteristics of the landscape — seems to relate to the kinds of faeries associated with that landscape.  Darker and dramatic landscapes seem to be the home of darker and more dramatic faerie lore.  One example is the “green women of the Highlands,” notably different from “green lady” ghost lore.

6. Though there may be minor differences in the stories, faeries are described consistently across many cultures and on every continent, even though there’s no evidence of contact between those cultures when the stories emerged.

One example is the “red cap” faeries (like garden gnomes) mentioned in stories from Native America to Scotland, or the feather-garbed faeries of Northern Ireland’s coastline and the Maori culture of New Zealand.

7. Some faeries seem linked to the land.  Others can move from one place to another, such as the Banshees… which are not evil and don’t cause tragedy or death.

Faerie Magick podcast: Listen online (MP3)

Music: The Moods of Man, written and orchestrated by James Underberg

3 thoughts on “Faeries – An Overview”

  1. I don’t know what the process is, but is there any chance of subscribing via iTunes someday? That way I won’t miss an episode!

    1. You’re not an idiot… I had to search my links to see if it was at iTunes, too! *LOL* As I see it, it’s been about four years since I was podcasting about faeries, so we both forgot!

      For anyone else who asks: The iTunes number for this series is 202824410, or you can find it by searching for Fiona Broome.

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