Offbeat Wedding Features Faerie Theme

If you’ve though about having a faerie-themed wedding, take a look at the photos in the article linked below.

(If it’s no longer online, search for alternate articles about this wedding. The photos were wonderful.)

No matter how you feel about same-sex weddings, the pictures are going to give you fun faerie ideas for parties and weddings.

Rainbows and sparkly fairies at a newly-legal lesbian wedding in


These lovely lasses celebrated the ability to have a legal wedding in New York with sparkles, fairy wings, and all things rainbow (in honor of the pride flag, of course!).

Last week, I attended another faerie themed wedding.  It was a traditional wedding, but the lovely bride wore custom made faerie wings, and many of the bridal party’s accessories — including her bouquet and the groom’s bouttoniere — were faerie- or fantasy-themed and handmade.

That made the wedding unique, original, delightful… and more affordable.

The world is changing.  Outmoded beliefs and constraints are falling away, and originality is emerging.  It’s a change for the better!

You don’t have to wait for a wedding to have a faerie-themed party.  You could even schedule an informal “tea party” (like little girls have) with a faerie theme, and invite your friends.

Though it’s true that faeries generally aren’t like Tinkerbell, and some faeries can be downright scary, there’s still plenty of room for fantasy fun if you’re a fan of faeries.

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