Meeting Faeries in Your Dreams

Faeries can be encountered in your dreams.  Sometimes it’s just a make-believe story — a typical dream* — in which you’re remembering a tale heard long ago… except that you’re in it.

The following article is from an answer to a reader’s question about some recurring dreams featuring frightening underwater creatures that seemed dangerous.

In my reply, I explain that the rules of the faerie world are different from ours.  Your belief in that realm — and what you believe — can affect your experiences there.  They may even affect the faerie realm that you’re in, in general.

Though it’s a reply to a specific reader’s question, the  following is what I recommend for anyone who is dealing with nightmares involving the fae world.

Mermaid, Nixie, Nix or Nixe - an underwater faerieDreams can be based on a forgotten story or even a genetic memory.  So, even if they seem vivid, you do not need to be afraid of them.

Underwater creatures with the teeth are part of several cultures’ faerie folklore.  The creature you described was probably a Nix, Nixe or a Nixie.  They’re the names of water spirits in Scandinavian, German and Swiss lore.

Each culture’s “Nixies” are a little different.  Many are beautiful, but a few are only disguised as beautiful women to lure humans to the water.

Most of them inhabit fresh water, but many have tails like mermaids in some reports.  So this kind of faerie may explain some mermaid encounters… but not all of them, of course.

As you can see, it’s possible that your dreams are triggered by some distant memories, or stories heard long ago.

However, even if it’s an experience in your past, in another realm or in a parallel reality, there is something that you can do about it.

Lady of the Lake presenting Excalibur to King ArthurFirst, read any book about King Arthur, and pay close attention to the Lady of the Lake in the stories.  She’s another version of a Nixie.

Then, remember that most faerie researchers — including me — are confident that what you believe about a faerie (and how much you believe it) has a definite effect on the faerie world.

So, if you realize — and believe — that you are able to transform into a benevolent Lady of the Lake, as in King Arthur’s stories, you can do so in your dreams.

The beautiful Lady of the Lake has inspired many writers, including Sir Walter Scott.  In his poem, he describes her:

With head upraised, and look intent,
And eye and ear attentive bent,
And locks flung back, and lips apart,
Like monument of Grecian art,
In listening mood, she seemed to stand,
The guardian Naiad of the strand.

(A Naiad is yet another name for an underwater faerie or pixie.  Those stories come from Roman and Greek mythology.  As I often explain, this is why I think faeries are real: We see the same kinds of entities described across a wide range of cultures and distant lands.)

The Arthurian “Lady of the Lake” stories aren’t unique.  There is a Welsh faerie, the Lady of Little Van Lake.  She is not only beautiful and loving, but she’s also gifted with an understanding of herbs.  Her magickal cures are legendary.

Similar faeries have appeared in Somersetshire, in England.  Those stories are well-founded in history, and go back centuries.  They are real.

So, to help you shift the energy towards something beautiful — which might be beneficial to you in your waking life, as well — you might bring some houseplants into your bedroom.  Even artificial plants will be visual reminders of your potential powers to heal others, on many levels.

Create more beauty around your bed, so the last thing you notice before you fall asleep is something lovely.

The energy shift is important. It may not happen overnight, and the darker imagery may seem frightening and more intense as you consciously shift towards a more beautiful essence.  (That conscious work is called lucid dreaming.)

However, it might also be very easy for you to accomplish.  This varies from person to person.  The more you’re able to look at this as a quest in the faerie realm — a quest with important rewards — the easier it will be.

Also think of it like dealing with a toddler who’s having a temper tantrum.  The child may not want to stop fussing and being awful, but once you’re able to help him (or her)… well, the child is much happier as a nice person, enjoying the world around him (or her).

Just remember that you’re describing something that’s has real-world connections, and it can be affected by what you decide to do with the energy in the dreams.

This may take some practice.  It can be a trial-and-error experience, at first.  Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries to make a positive difference.

However, by sending beautiful energy to yourself, your experiences and your world in those dreams, you can permanently change what’s going on in them.  Faerie research shows this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

*Dreams: I do not believe that all dreams are just fantasy or make-believe.

Like many people studying quantum effects, I think dreams may be real-life experiences in a parallel reality or alternate realm.  They’re opportunities to learn useful things.

So, in this article, I initially talk about the dream being make-believe, my advice also applies if the dream is a real encounter in a very real faerie realm.

Photo credit: Nick Yee, Mountain View, CA

Lady of the Lake illustration by N. C. Wyeth

26 thoughts on “Meeting Faeries in Your Dreams”

  1. I believe that I have seen a faerie. My neighbor was selling some timber and I went back to make sure they weren’t cutting any of my trees. On my way back I saw something flying back to where they had cut the trees, Oblivious to me. It was completely green, somewhere between 6 and 8″ tall. It was way to big to be an insect. The biggest thing that caught my attention, was that it flew upright. Not at all like a bird or an insect.

  2. i once saw something similar, only it was yellow instead of green. it flew right past my head. it looked to be somewhat smaller than my fist but not by much. the strange thing was when i asked the people around me, they claimed to have seen nothing. i decided to test my theory that it was a faerie. i worked for hours on a gift for them and finally decided on a poem. It was a hiaku and consisted of three different languages in all. i re-wrote it onto a small scrap of paper-as small as i could- and left it under a pebble. when i went to check to see if it was still in place the next day, it was gone. that afternoon, i had gone outside to rest in the sun and spotted a butterfly. it came right up to me and landed on my finger. it then took flight and landed on my nose. it stayed there for mabey two minuts before flying off. was it a messanger of some sort or am i just paranoid?

  3. I haven’t seen fae yet, but i want to. I also want to lucid dream (become conscious that i am dreaming whilst doing so) Personally Erica i think that butterfly was a messenger.
    i think that often fae in the physical realm disguise themselves as insects or other small creatures. those who are attuned to them, or who they allow to see them, can see their true form.
    i hope to one day meet one, maybe speak to them. i don’t think they would all speak english though, they probably have their own language(s).
    how do you think i might meet one?

  4. Ive seen what i thought were faeries..My daughters and i saw lil flashing lights in my bed?There were know windows or lights on..We saw this three nights in a row..We also heard weird chipmunk like voices?does anyone know if this may have been faeries or not?Im also connected to nature ..i feel so safe and peaceful in the woods,as if im protected there.IM very sure i have irish blood and im drawn to Ireland for some unknown reason..ive never been there ,but i feel a very strong urge to go..

  5. I wonder can thay apear as litole lightes like lightning bugs onse wean i was a small girl me and my frend wer out i was 2 days befor my birthday and we wer out playing and we wer geting ready to go in for the night and we heard a nois and we lived in the contry and still do but eany way and we saw gost a heuge flock of light bugs come frome the wodes and start fling arawnd just like a danse it was amasing and beutiful.

  6. I’ve had faerie dreams from time to time ( I like to call faeries “Good Folk”). In one dream I had a meeting with a creature that resembled a bull frog and he told me that I needed to build houses/living spaces for the Good Folk. I was just about to move in to this house across the country and they were basically telling me the score before I got there. It was kind of hilarious, because the creature wore a pinstriped suit, like a mob boss. He told me that if I work with them, they’ll work with me. That same year, I dreamt about a catalog. It was filled with Good Folk homes! They were showing me the style of houses that they wanted! So funny. They were mostly ranch style homes made of twigs, moss and other things. I did actually make them homes after those dreams, though not completely like the ones they specified(I still plan to make those). Good folk sure are picky, but I guess they know what they like.

  7. I mentioned this under your article on family trees and faeries, so I’ll mention it here. In 85% of the dreams I remember, there’s a reoccurring faerie. In a reoccurring dream situation I have, I’m a guard in a faerie court (usually the Seelie), and there’s an attack on the court, and I’m usually killed in the attack. When I do survive, the same faerie that’s in most of my dreams smiles sadly at me and shuts my eyes. Then I wake up. I didn’t mention that last piece before, but I guess it’s important… Any thoughts? I’d appreciate it.

  8. I had a dream that I was walking around a clearing of a forest and I looked in the grass and saw a ring a large silver ring on the ground and as I looked closer I saw several fairies sleeping and after that I ran away quickly out of the forest. I never told anyone anything about the dream but all I know is I cannot forget it.

  9. To Bravura,

    Do you believe in past lives? Perhaps you are dreaming about a life you have had as a faerie …

  10. I had a dream last night that I was taken to a fairy world. But it was nothing like your typical Disney stories or the stories you tell here. They were full grown like us and they picked me up and took me there. They came from the sky and had the same green and yellow light you speak of. They took me w them and it was like the story of Peter Pan. They even had a map of how to get there. When we finally got there it was another world completely with it’s own government and all. The thing is… It was so detailed I can’t shake the feeling that it feels like it actually happened. I met someone too. I don’t know his name but the connection was so strong I miss him. This is the weirdest thing to ever happen to me with a dream. It was so vivid.

  11. I used to visit fae when my wife was practicing a type of Reiki on me…I would drift off, imagine a lush green ditch…beside a road or walking path…the water would be so clear…you could see the fresh grass under about 6-8 inches…I would walk and feel the grass between my toes…so real…before long I would lay down…”sink” into the grass. Then, I would hear the crystalline voices, “come with us, play with us”. The desire to go would be so strong…but invariably I would “come back” to myself at the last minute. I only seemed to make contact while she did the “reiki”…I would try on my own…but was not “allowed”…there was another voice there (carried some authority)that would not allow me…I had to wait for the “key”….meaning my wife. She doesn’t do that anymore…and didn’t seem to “like” where I was going with it…would love to “really” visit there again…stay longer…see what the experience held for me. Any “Tips”…by the way I started Lucid Dreaming early as a child….doing my “dream work” while avoiding the “dream police”…took it to deeper levels in college and fell away from it after starting my career :( miss that as well :/

  12. I have never believed in fairies before I moved into my new apartment this past June. The first night I slept in my new place I had a dream that fairies lived in this big oak tree that’s outside of my building. I live on the top floor of my building close to the top of the tree. I have a big deck that looks onto this giant tree as well. I am very spiritual so my first thought in the morning was that real fairies are living in this tree. I took this dream as a message and instantly called my mom to tell her. She also is spiritual but has never heard me speak of them before. I just googled fairies and found out they love oak trees and you will find most there and also near the tops of the trees. It completely blew me away and now I believe in it more than ever! Hoping to see one in real life :)

  13. I astral travel a lot and have lucid dreams. I have arachnophobia so I started praying to Arachine. I saw something that looked like a spider but wasent a spider. Its face was nothing to a spider, didn’t even have pencers. It had two almond shaped eyes. Later i fell asleep and thought “I’m ready” to no longer be afraid of them- I started falling then landed in a midevil town being torched by a dragon. A gargoyle took me to archine and I talked to her then touched her hand and even pencers. She was a full spider. No longer scared of them. Question is where was i-how did I get there? How safe is it? They were a little bigger than our sizes. Remember every detailed. This is happened often going to a place with powerful creatures. Soooo real-kind of miss it

  14. I have always had a fondness for faeries and anything nature-spirit inspired. I have never had the opportunity to encounter any of the “Wee Folk” as of yet, but I know that time might be soon because, my love for them has never faded. Regardless of the non-believers and ridicule that I have been subjected to, (because I do believe in supernatural beings and otherkin)nothing has averted me from ever denying that belief. Just because I have not “seen” a faery, it has not swayed me from the hope of having the privilege, one day!
    I feel their presence when I am outdoors, at dawn, dusk, late at night, in the mist or alone in the majesty of nature. As a matter of fact I do feel they are slowly trying to communicate with me, in this present time…I have had 5 different, specific dreams where I was intuitively instructed to create 5 detailed items! I dreamed in vivid color and the details of what I needed to do, were precise. Those dreams resulted in me creating 2 one-of-a-kind faery houses, 1 faery door, 1 faery storage box, and a faery wish bottle!I cannot explain it but, upon awakening from each dream, I knew exactly what to do, what materials to use, where to find them, and how to construct each piece of art precisely, as instructed from my dream.
    I have the creations at my apt, and I do not know if they are for a particular faery, faeries, or even just for my own visual, aesthetic enjoyment, but what I do know is that I was “inspired and instructed” in my dreams to “create” the said items! And I did….as requested! All hand-crafted,right down to the very delicate shutters of one the houses and its miniscule light catcher in the frame of the window. So let’s see what is asked of me next!

  15. I had a dream about fairies that were scared of me at first but eventually I earned their trust and then one of the fairies fell for me. Not sure what it means but I definitely want that dream again.

  16. So, I had this dream last night. You see I’m writing a novel based on the European version of the Fae so I don’t know if this had something to do with it but what happened in my dream was I stood in a field and found a Faery ring. It had several Faeries in it and we began talking (I can’t remember what about though) I then entered the ring and followed them to their world where we continued talking. They did offer me food, which I politely turned down because I know what happens if you eat the food of the fae in their realm. After that they somehow turned me into a faery….it was interesting to say the least….

  17. Excuse me, I am new to the whole ‘Dream Talking’ thing, but I do have a recent story to tell from just last night.

    I was in a dimmly-lit, triangular attic of a house that I was not quite familiar with. While spacious, I can remember having to walk over either rocks, wood, or some kind of furniture before reaching the back of the attic.

    There, I saw a small pond in the attic lined with stone. The water appeared dark in the light, but I was certain that it was just the lack of appropriate light. However, as I approached, I did spot a head breaching the calm top of the waters.

    At first, I could see that it was a woman. However as the head continued to rise, I could see that their hair was very dark, their skin was pale, they had eyes just a little larger than a normal human being, sharp needle-like teeth lined her gums, and what seemed to be a large oval-like orb protruded through their forehead.

    They did not rise any farther as their chin-line was still submerdged under the indoor pond. As strange as it all seemed however, we seemed familiar of each other and spoke for a while.

    The being was cautious of my presence, and I could easily sense distrust in them while we spoke.

    After that, my dream skipped to another time. I approached the pond once more, but it was empty even though I knew they were there.

    I said that this would be the last time I came to visit her. I was leaving, and felt disheartened because of it. I told her that if she had anything to say, it would be wise to do so now.

    As I spoke, she slowly breached the top layer of water once more and we embraced for a short time. The last thing I remember was the woman from the pond shrinking, and then I woke up before feeling severely depressed.

    I wasn’t sure what to make of this being, but apparently I had known them for a long time. I felt that they were kind, even if their first appearance may have been frightful to some. It was sad to part from what I could only suspect as a long-time friend.

  18. I have believed in faeries for a long time. When I was young my friends and I used to build houses and leave little gifts for them in our yards, and that has carried over into my life now. Recently, however, I have been dreaming about them a lot more.

    My dream last night was the most specific and led me here. I was walking outside my aunts house for several hours where some trees have recently been cut down. As I’m walking, I try to leave and go down the road, but some force keeps me from going. The whole time I feel like I’m being watched (not in a menacing or threatening way, just being observed). I can hear these chattering whispers and what sounds like wind chimes in the remaining trees, but if I approach them they go quiet and the trees block me from entering. The whole thing had a dark energy and I felt like they didn’t want me to know they were in my dream. I have no definitive proof that faeries were in my dream, but I just felt it.

  19. Last night I had a dream that there were Cockatiels, Quaker parrots and Dragonflies in my home. One of the Dragonflies turned into a Fairie. She was on my arm and was talking. Then I began to fly around the house. I have had many similar dreams …… this was the 1st one that I had the privilege of a Fae.
    Thoughts are welcome…
    Thank you.

  20. I had a dream that I was looking at a pond with stones. The water around some of the stones were turbulent like air was pushing up and bubbling. I watched like something was going to come to the surface. To the side of me was a small beautiful female that I assumed was a fairy. We talked about the area not being the greatest to bath or something like that. I offered that she was welcome to stay with my daughter and I at our home. The dream made me feel very warm and happy, like I truly made a new friend. She told me things were going to change and asked if I had questions. I laughed and was embarrassed. I asked if “true love” would ever find me or if I would meet a guy….she answer “yes, on March 7th”. You wont know it and may be shy but I need to open up.

    I got up for a minute or two then a dream about an Eclipse followed. I watched the eclipse and was scared for a moment, held on to my dog who I was walking. I looked up and it was not black out, it was grey-smokey. A bit scary. I rushed home and it was light again. I read an eclipse can be negative…..hoping the fairy dream out weighs the eclipse! Any thoughts on this crazy night of dreams?

  21. I had a dream that I was looking at a pond with stones. The water around some of the stones were turbulent like air was pushing up and bubbling. I watched like something was going to come to the surface. To the side of me was a small beautiful female that I assumed was a fairy. We talked about the area not being the greatest to bath or something like that. I offered that she was welcome to stay with my daughter and I at our home. The dream made me feel very warm and happy, like I truly made a new friend. She told me things were going to change and asked if I had questions. I laughed and was embarrassed. I asked if “true love” would ever find me or if I would meet a guy….she answer “yes, on March 7th”. You wont know it and may be shy but I need to open up.

    BTW, I like fairies! I try to create a fairy garden outside with cute little plants and fun garden pieces. Who knows!

    I got up for a minute or two then a dream about an Eclipse followed. I watched the eclipse and was scared for a moment, held on to my dog who I was walking. I looked up and it was not black out, it was grey-smokey. A bit scary. I rushed home and it was light again. I read an eclipse can be negative…..hoping the fairy dream out weighs the eclipse! Any thoughts on this crazy night of dreams?

  22. I fell asleep and in my dreams I was driving up a dirt road that spiraled around a mountain. I kept going higher and higher around and around and I was getting dizzy and the road was getting narrow. Then I remember falling and I was dizzy. Then I sat up and he was in my face shaking his fist and screaming at me but I couldn’t hear anything he was saying. He was smaller than my head but not much smaller, and a little chubby and green and he was flying. He was so angry but i wasn’t afraid. Then i think I reached out to tough him and he was gone. It felt like dream but I was awake. I was in between.

  23. Although I’m a lifetime experienced of other realities and a very vivid dreamer, this one felt very “different.”
    Days ago, I moved to a new home which borders a lovely and lush forest. I’ve been spending a lot of time admiring nature here.
    A couple of nights ago, I had a dream that began with what appeared to be playing card or a Tarot card laying face up on the floor.
    The picture depicted what I “knew” was a bird’s eye view of a holy we’ll. The kind you would find in Celtic countries (I happen to be 100 percent Irish.).
    From my point of view it was a flat circle. Inside the circle was the face of a young man and he was mouthing words that I couldn’t hear.
    This startled me so much that I jumped up from the dream table I was sat at. I did this just in time to see a small party of oddly dressed young people (3 or 4.). They were laughing at my reaction to the card.
    I said to them “are you the Fae?” This caused them to run as if they’d been caught out.
    When I got back to the table, there were many cards on the floor. Not only were the strange images moving within the cards (think:. Harry Potter,) but cards themselves we’re moving around.
    I felt as though these were tricksters just letting me know they are here. They seemed to get a big kick out of alarming me!
    I hope they’re here although I do know they’re all Tinker Bell and can do real harm if they want.
    Any advice?
    Many thanks!

    1. Patricia, that sounds like a trickster to me. Do your best to be patient with them. The little people – as many call the diminutive faeries – can play pranks, but I’ve never heard of one being malicious. Not intentionally, anyway.

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