How to See Faeries

Do you want to know how to see faeries (or fairies)?

I can only tell you what faeries look like to me.

Well, I can tell you what I see that I assume are faeries. Nobody knows what they really are.

However, most people who’ve seen these flying shapes seem to independently conclude that they’re faeries. And, I’m not sure why they assume this, but it’s startlingly consistent.

Because they only vaguely resemble media representations of faeries, I believe that my “gut feeling” — and that of others — is probably correct: they’re faeries.

But, the truth is, nobody is sure what these are.

About the photos

The photos on the following pages in this series were created with Adobe Photoshop, they are not real. They’re only to help you learn how to see faeries.

They accurately represent what I see in real life, but haven’t captured on film.

Unlike some ghosts, who seem to like to be photographed, I think it might be a mistake to try to photograph the faeries.

I don’t think it would work.

And frankly, while I’m fascinated by ghosts, I’m not quite so scientific about the faeries. It’s a very different field, and more spiritual, in a way.

Types of faerie forms

I’ve seen a variety of faeries. The vast majority of them are blurry spheres of light. I also see faerie windows or portals, which are brilliant openings which appear on my walls, and vanish quickly.

The next most-frequently seen forms are translucent, full-sized figures, the same size as humans or slightly larger.

Then there are the forms which are the size of little people, maybe three feet tall.

Finally, there are the odd things I see now and then, out of the corner of my eye, and since I don’t see them directly or for very long, I can only describe them as odd lights and shadows, usually quick-moving. They range from sparkly lights to large shadows.

In these pages, I’ll describe each kind of faerie form:

By learning what faeries really look like, you may understand how to see faeries (or fairies)… or realize that you’ve been seeing faeries all along and didn’t know it.

Photo credits:
Fairy in the Moonlight by alexandra elefteriadou,Thessaloniki, Greece

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  1. Hi, even though few people believe in the existence of faeries, I still believe and love them and am hoping to see a real one, even I’m here in the tropics, the Philippines…I do lots of surfing on the internet about them…Saw
    photos from different web pages but can’t distinguish the real one…Are there people who really saw them??? I tried a faery lure once, one morning about 5-6am I put milk with honey outside my window hoping a faery would drink or eat it. I stayed in my room really quite and hoping to see one….What I saw were birds but there were no faeries…How can I see them?I’m really hopeless, please help me.

    1. To Maricel M.:

      I’m so glad that you believe in the faeries. I think that increases the faeries’ ability to visit our world and feel comfortable enough to be seen by more people.

      It can take months for a faerie to feel safe enough to appear. Then again, it can happen in a few days. If you can, I recommend placing the milk and honey for the faeries… and then leave it there. Change it every three days or so. It can be a tiny container, like a thimble or something.

      Once the faeries feel safer, visiting your window unobserved, they’re more likely to visit often enough for you to see them sometime.

      People really do see faeries. I’ve seen several types of faeries, and I’ve seen them often.

      Believing is the first step. Patience is next.

      Keep helping the faeries and believing in them, and you will be rewarded.

  2. hi my name finola well i like people to call me that. me and holly ( she has writen to you before) have seen things that people will not belive us but one time in the garden i saw these different coluor (well i think they were i can’t be sure) fairy’s and they were singing a tune

  3. Dear Fiona.
    i am 12 1/2 years old
    Like Maricel M.
    i too am a believer of Faeries/Fairies but i dont know what to do for me to meet one and befriend one
    I left some bread On my desk after i ate some myself and nothing happend?

    any ideas on how to Attract Faeries To my house/Room so i can have one as a friend?
    I even greet the 4 elements

    Magic and Magical Creatures are Real and i do Believe so Plz i ask you if you can help me meet Fearies and other magical beings

    1. Samy, I think it’s important to believe and to be very patient. Some people wait years to see any evidence of faeries, but eventually, they are rewarded.

  4. I have always believed in the existence of faeries, and reading this article, I realise that I have often seen, out of the corner of my eye, the sort of things you describe when you say “odd lights and shadows, usually quick-moving. They range from sparkly lights to large shadows.” I’ve been seeing them for as long as I can remember.

    Maybe I’ve been seeing faeries my whole life!

  5. Ive been seeing alot of little shadows out o the corner o my eye too. I thought about hat they could be, and now i think I have an idea. Plus way back in the thrid grade,i was walking to class when out of the corner of my eye i saw a life sized white figure. I thought it was just my imagination, but now i also think it was a faery. I have had some troubles beileiveing, even though i know that they are real. Thank you for telling me about the ways you have seen them, for now I know that i DO beleive, and i have all along, and that they have let me have several glimpses of them.

  6. hi im bekee, and i was so intrigued to know that i have seen faeries all around me my whole life…i always saw things in the corner of my eye i still do…i really would love to befriend a faerie/s but i dont want to attract any bad ones…how is a easy but effective way to do so??

    1. bekee,

      There is no way to attract good faeries without also catching the attention of other kinds of faeries. Faeries are like people. If you stand in the middle of a crowd and start talking to one person, others are likely to listen in, and some may also join the conversation… whether you want them to, or not.

      Use the same common sense you use when dealing with humans, and you should be fine. You’ll find additional tips in articles at this website, and in the books I’m working on right now.

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  7. Hi Fiona…Long time since I visited the website. I read your reply to my question.Thanks a lot.You’re right when you said that we need to be patient. Maybe faeries don’t put their trust on us that easy. So, once again I will try to put a lure on my window with milk and honey..I’m 27 years old. : )..But I believe I can see one.

  8. I am 11 and I do believe in faries and I hope to see one. Thank you for all of your valuable info. I’m so glad that there are people out there like ya’ll :)

  9. Hello my name is avielle and i also want 2 befriend a faery.i think i might have met some at waz cold and i waz sitting in front ofa lake.then out of nowhere there came a fog over the lake in shapes just like winged humans! And then i ran but not be4 i heard sum eerie music.i still remember the words “come o child,away away.4get thy sorrows and thy pain.come o child, 2day,2day.but do not 4get where thy duties lay.”im still scared but facinated too.

  10. I have never seen a fairy but I do believe in them. I have a big spider in my windo so I can’t really do the milk and honey, I don’t want to move the spider. Are there any other methods?


  12. Hi…Well, I’ve been starting to meditate and I’ve been seeing a lot of shadows out of the corner of my eye…And actually last night… (I know this is going to sound REALLY creepy to some readers) I was hearing like little whispers and they were like “your fears will overcome your courage”. I didn’t exactly freak out…I kind of just tried to fall asleep. It got me a little frightened, but I thought that it might not be true. Then I started hearing laughter. Not giggly laughter, but, like, evil laughs. There is a such thing as a dark (or evil) fairy, right? Do you think that that’s what was whispering to me? It was probably my imagination, though…What do you think?

    1. Luna,

      Faeries are like people: There are good ones, bad ones, and most are a little of both.

      In history — as I talk about at this website, particularly in How Shakespeare Changed Everything — most people were afraid of faeries.

      Generally, I think it’s smart to have a healthy respect for faeries and what they can do for good or for mischief.

      I wouldn’t worry about your encounter. It might never happen again.

      If it does, it might be smart to talk with someone who teaches meditation. Get his or her advice.


  13. ok so i left the milk and honey out and its been more than 3 weeks. i do believe still. i have left things in one spot in my room then come back and they had moved. my friend had beads fly at her as well but she didnt see what threw them. i am building stuff for them and even talking to them. once something landed behind be out side and it sounded pretty heavy, i turned around and still nothing but a few minutes later a bird landed near me. the only thing was i couldnt see what was on its back. i hope to see a fairy soon if you hav any advice i am ready to listen. thnx! P.S. im 11 years old!

  14. Im a definate believer but i have some questions on spells for attracting the fae people…do the spells count as black magic or attracting unwanted attention like séances….b/c i don want to be involved in any of that AT ALL…and i have found that there are many spalls that require a lot semi presious stones and such things which are difficult to find…any
    alternatives? – thank you for ur help…

  15. im 14, and i really do beleive in faeries and other entities and spirits. i actually have the ability to sense energies (ie people, spirits, etc). i have someone like a mentor who told me that my third eye is developing, which explains why i have been able to see some spirits around my house. when i was very young, like 3 and younger, i saw several faeries that were in the house i lived in, and they would play with me and talk to me. i was wondering if you could tell me anything that would help me regain this sight or just speed up the process

  16. Back then I used to believe in faeries a lot. I’d get teased by it sometimes in school because well, I was “too old” to believe in them. But what my schoolmates never understood was that it was NOT the Disney kind of fairies believed in but the rather earthly spiritual ones (If you know what I mean). Plus some religious schoolmates would say that I was going against the Catholic ways. At first, I didn’t give up. I tried to be patient with the foresight although for six months nothing has changed with my vision. Plus, the bullying continued so I had to accept that faeries weren’t real and decided to “grow up.” But thanks to your article, I know realize that I HAD been seeing them my whole entire life! In my old school where we were surrounded by greens, I’d see patches and colors of light floating around me when I’d sit down on the grass in the field. I thought they were just sunspots, but from your article it made me believe rethink otherwise. And recently I’ve been seeing the people like ones from the corner of my eye then vanishing. I’d also see random rays of light out of nowhere as well, as you’ve stated, they’re faerie portals right? So anyway, I don’t know. I haven’t been obsessed with faeries lately and all of a sudden I just suddenly feel the gut to research on them again. Maybe they’re luring me back?
    Lucky to know there’s someone else out there who believes in faeries like I did.
    Ysabel from the Philippines.
    BTW Did I forget to mention I’m highly artistic too?

  17. hi Fiona i am 15 years of age and i believe in all mystical creatures including fairies but i would really love to befriend one or just talk to it how P.S how can i attracted
    i used to leave out jam in little dishes and milk in small glasses outside with sparkly dust but nothing ever happened i also left little notes and trinkets to greet it and show the fairy i mean no harm but nothing back but i would really love it if you could get back in touch seeming as i’m very interested in the magical side and have so many more question to ask and so much more to learn
    Thanks Best wishes Chloe

    1. Hello, Chloe!

      You’ve said something very important: “I used to leave out…”

      Things may have changed since you tried this in the past. I recommended trying again, regularly, for at least two or three months. If you get no response, wait six months and try again.

      People change. Faeries do, too.

      Maybe it just wasn’t the right time, before. Keep believing. That’s the important part. The faeries will respond when they’re ready to, and it may have nothing to do with you, at all… it’s just when they’re ready.


  18. Hi.Can I attract fairies to my room? And does bead and shiny pebbles attract fairies? I believe in fairies alot and what eles there to attract fairies instead about gardening?

  19. I didn’t believe in fairies until I saw one at 4.30am this morning.

    I was awoken by the dog barking downstairs and I saw the outline of a fairy. It was a little girl with blonde hair and a fringe, white socks and the classic school girl shoes. She was struggling to fly and oblivious to me watching her. She kept going up and down and finally sat down on my book shelf swinging her legs.

    I forced myself to wake up and make sure that I wasn’t still dreaming. What I saw was real.

  20. Lately I have been seeing a flashing out of the corner of my eye every once in a while but when I look the flashing stops, do you think that it could be a Faerie?

  21. Hello,

    Thank you for this very informative website! The reason my curiosity has brought me here is because I feel I might have witnessed something “unwordly” last night that I’ve never in my 45 years of age ever encountered. I’m highly spiritual and very in tune with my spiritual self, I’m also a person who second guesses certain things, maybe the skeptical side in me. What I visually saw while laying in bed last night was a very bright flicker of green light for a split second that clearly had an odd shape, I guess you can say the outline of a miniature person. Not as the faeries you described being witnessed to or perhaps others. I’m still not 100 percent convinced its what I saw. But, I’ve gone through the process of elimination as to what it could have possibly be. No windows in the area where light could reflect, it was very strange…Well, thought I would share. Thank you:)

  22. hi,we are best freinds who really truly believe in faries and since we were little we always bileived and just recently we both started seeing little flickers of light and we really think it may be faries,wed really like to thank you for all your information we even put out little bootle caps of milk and honey in hope wed see one soon we even think we should write happy poems and grow a flower garden …we also have a few questions we were hoping you would ansewer .can we leave any type of sweets to attract fairies like jam or cookis or is it spesificlly milk and honey?.and wat will happen if we acsidentally attract a bad fairy?.are fairys all around us or are they only in specific areas or countrys ?..p.s thank you verry much

  23. People,fairies at first are shy and scared to humans.They don’t trust humans at first bur if you really now knoq them,they’ll start trusting you,but don’t look at a fairy without permission,it shows disrespect to them.You need to know what are their favorite foods like sweets,milk and honey.Try also building a fairy house,make sure there,s no one to destroy it like toddlers,pets,anti-fairies.also if you are near a river or pond,you can have a little bell and shake it.If there are bubbles on the water that means a fairy is listening.You can play soft music but not loud because fairies love music or play an instrument but not rock instruments;like drum.You can play guitar but only soft because a fairy may startle and not want you to see the fairy.Hope it helped!

  24. im 13 years old.
    i have seen a faery once.
    i was on my back porch then my dog started to bark straight up in the air, i looked up there was a little thing in the air. no it was not beautiful like tinkerbell. it looked part human part insect. there was a little voice in my head saying hello.
    nobody believed me though. but i know what i saw and heard. to all of you out there who has witnessed, i believ you

  25. Hi! I am an eleven year old, and all of my friends feel as if my believing in faeries is pointless, and that they don’t exist. Only one friend does, but that friend thinks that all of them are bad, and try to harm people. Personally, I love faeries. For the first time, today, I tried putting together a few things that faeries might like. I made some milk, with several spices, such as sugar, honey, and cinnamon. I have also added some chopped walnuts in a little bundle. Is this good for the faeries? I have, again, also brought together a few trinkets, like rounded clear and auburn glass pebbles, a key, two old coins, and an old earring. I have decided to exclude the coins because in old sources, I have read that faeries despise cold metals, and iron. Was this a good choice? And how long is it until a faerie will come and take my offerings? Please answer back! I am really eager to learn about how I can interact, play, and talk with faeries!

  26. hi Fiona . I have always believed in fairies, and today I saw two things. I went outside today and tried to attract fairies with jewels ,a picture of a fairy I drew and bubbles. While I was blowing the bubbles I saw a white light fly off my shoulder , but it wasn’t the size of a golf ball. But it was a white light . After that happened I thought it was a fairy but wasn’t sure. But then I keep having a vision that it was a fairy , but one of the littler ones. Also when I was reading on this website , I saw a white light out the corner of my eye fly past me very fast. But then again it wasn’t like the were fairies. Please reply soon. Armani <3

  27. thank you for all the information you’ve shared with everyone! I have a question that may be a bit personal but would love to know if you wouldn’t mind sharing.I was wondering what kind of landscape you live on? such as if you live on a mountain with lots of trees or if you have a lot of land like a field and if you live in a neighborhood or not? I understand if you rather not answer.

    thank you!


  28. I see things out of the corner of my eye but I don’t know if I am imagining them or not. I don’t think I have the second sight, so how do I develope the second sight or see the fairies? I live I Arizona with no forest so how would I be able to see fairies if they like forests? Would they want to be my friend?

  29. Well, once I saw a blue dragonfly fly by me when I was in my backyard with my parents. I was about 5 or 6. I am 9 now. The dragonfly got about two or three feet away from me. I mentioned that because i know that fairies can disguise themself as blue dragonflies. Sometimes I see little dots at the corner of my eye, but not too often. I have never heard one talk to me. I tried playing my recorder under a tree. I set out milk and honey and I am becoming friends with a fairy named Penelope. I have never seen her. She is 3 and a half inches tall and is 412 years old. I love fairies. Thanksnfor reading!!! P.S. plz tell me how to actually have a conversation with a fairy. Ok, bye.

  30. I take pictures of faeries all the time I’ve really amazing pictures of my elve guide as well he comes for pics and you can see his manifestation as it happens very interesting I assumed they like pictures cause they certainly look I’ve an imp that is always peeking in on the side of pics, when I was young I called them mugwumps LOL honestly as long as you believe and love them truly they are so loving. My favorite. Is peter

    1. Avalon,

      If a bad faerie seems to be interested in you, carry something iron with you. Anything small, made of iron, can be fine. Even a little magnet.

      According to lore, most faeries are repelled by anything iron. This is part of the origin of hanging a horseshoe over a doorway, so the faeries won’t come in.


  31. Hi! I have been in love with fairies since I was tiny right now I am 13 and I still want more than anything is to see wee people or fairys, elves,gnomes etc… I have been looking giving out food with gifts made a house for them still can’t see them:( Today I went to the forest with my friend and we made fairie houses there and I made fairie circles and through out the walk in the forest I rung a little bell. Still. No. Fairie. I somehow feel connected to the wee folk like my past life I was a fairy! Is there anyway for me to see them? Is it because I not a little kid anymore? Help!

    1. Luna, I’m not a little kid and I’ve seen faeries.

      I think part of it is location. Some areas are known for faerie activity; others aren’t. Mostly, I think it’s a matter of patience.

      I wish I had a simpler, easier answer for you, but I don’t. Everything at this site his real.

  32. I think I’m starting to get the fey folk because the offerings that I left out got a bite out of it and there has been some orb like things on the wall so…… Hopefully I will see them soon!

  33. But a creepy thing also happened last night I was in between sleep and awake and I started to hear whispering but couldn’t make out what they were saying but I know it was a female voice. When ever I am in the forest I make fairy circles and ring a little bell. Will the bell scare away the fey folk?

    1. Luna, I don’t think a bell would scare them away. After all, in some folklore, the faeries are the ones who put bells on cats, partly as a prank and partly so they’d know when a cat was around.

  34. Well I’m not an expert about fairies but I love them soooooooo much their little feet so I have some help first you neeeeeed to make a fairy house for him/her and then draw a picture of the fairy and underneath it write her name any name then her gender and her power then stick it in him/her fairy house and just believe and hoooooope a lot of hope and make sure you believe decorate her house however you like make it look comfortable if you’ve watched Tinkerbell do something like that but try and come up with your own design and add sparkly stuff fairy’s loooooove sparkly stuff and then put a small thimble sised glass of milk in the fairy house with a little plate of honey or some cookies or even sweets just MAKE SURE THE COOKIES OR CANDY DOES NOT CONTAIN CORNSTARCH FAIRYS HATE! CORNSTARCH!!!!!! Just make sure she feels welcome and remember to believe it you don’t believe she won’t come thanks for reading guys bye-bye


    1. Lizzy.J, thanks for sharing your thoughts about faeries. I’m not certain all of these steps are necessary, but if they’re working for you, that’s great.

      The cornstarch reference caught my attention. I don’t think faeries object to cornstarch. However, there has been some discussion about GMOs, and whether faeries are concerned about the effects of GMOs on the natural world.

  35. Hey Fiona,

    I have been interested in ghosts from a young age and have only recently found FAERIES! I’m a 12 year old boy 13 next June and 2 days ago I saw a goldish light fly towards me, over my head, and right (which would be your right) and I classed it as a fae or orb I even said it out loud that I classed it so anything or one could hear. Have you got any tips for me to see hear and befriend ect because I do really have a strong sesire to befriend one because they can help me on my quest of life and decision making! Any tips and tricks will be strongly appreciated!

    Thanks, Tobias

  36. Hello I am only 11 years old
    and I think I believe in Fairies like really! I feel like I Do but
    what should I do? to find one I really like to meet them and wanted to be friend to them even though I live in a cold place….
    I have a question is it a bad thing to look out for one?

  37. Last time I think I got a small house for christmas and I placed it outside and waited for fairies but nah i was young that year about 6 i guess

    1. Maria, I believe that children see the same things adults do, but are more accepting of them. So, I don’t think there’s anything wrong or silly about watching for faeries, as long as it doesn’t become an obsession or put you in danger.

  38. hi i believe in fairys sure as death. i need some help my fairy is deadly sick. i need a way to heal her! one way to talk to them is talk to them out loud in a room or outside in a small place. then listen hard and you might hear them. i found it only works with a fairy who is your friend.

    1. princess heather, I’ve never heard of a faerie actually becoming ill. There is only one documented account of a faerie funeral, and that’s from the 19th century… and the witness to it said that, at the end of the funeral, it turned out to be play-acting.

      I’m pretty sure faeries are eternal, but I’m not sure that’s the right word. In literature, they consistently “die” (meaning: fade away, possibly voluntarily, due to loss of belief in them) but it’s not a physical illness or death in the way we think of it, in this world.

      In your case – and I do not mean to trivialize the heartbreak of caring for a dear friend (your faerie friend) who is desperately ill – I would speak encouragingly to her, leave her extra treats (milk, cake, etc.), and so on. The issue may not be illness as we understand it, but feeling less useful, important, or significant in this realm.

      Sincerely, Fiona

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