How Many ‘Ghosts’ are Faeries?

Ghost… or faerie?

In my recent podcast, Faeries, Angels, Ghosts and Aliens, I explained some of the similarities — and differences — among these different entities.

In my opinion, some “ghost” reports are actually faeries.

Here’s an example:

Seeking Spirits is a recent book by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, from TAPS and the “Ghost Hunters” TV series.  At the beginning of that book, Grant talks about a small, dark entity that he and a friend encountered in childhood.

When I read the description, I knew right away that he was describing what we’d usually call a faerie… not a ghost.  But, whatever it was, it sparked his interest in ghosts.

Ghosts generally aren’t small and dark.  Several faeries could be described that way.  In an upcoming podcast, I’ll talk about one that fits his description, perfectly.  (I think I encountered one at The Spalding Inn, the hotel that Jason & Grant own.)

Here are some other ways to tell ghosts and faeries apart:

1. Faeries like things tidy.  If your room or home is messy, faeries will hide things.

When someone tells me about their ghost being a prankster, and hiding things that later turn up in unlikely places… I usually suspect that it’s a faerie, not a ghost.

Ghosts usually like the house to be left as it was when they lived there.  Other than that, they don’t seem to care if someone it excessively neat or incredibly slovenly.

2. Some faeries tease or torment some pets. Some faeries are notorious for hopping on the back of the family dog, and riding it around the house like a horse, all night.

I have no idea why faeries think that’s funny, or even okay.  And, it’s not all faeries or all family pets.

However, when a family pet — especially a dog or cat — encounters a ghost, the animal usually backs away, hides, or otherwise avoids any contact with the ghost.  There are no stories about ghosts steadily tormenting family pets.

If it’s a regular event and the pet is exhausted every morning… that’s more likely a faerie problem, not a haunting.

3. Faeries may have wings.  Ghosts never do. (This isn’t the time for me to discuss “dark angels” or vampires or anything else in that realm. )

However, if someone thinks that his or her “ghost” is a visiting angel — but doesn’t have the benevolent qualities of an angel — I usually guess that the entity is actually a faerie.

4. Ghosts walk through walls.  Faeries rarely do. I’m not sure if faeries are more limited by the physical laws of our world, but there aren’t many stories (if any) of a faerie walking through a wall.  Plenty of ghost stories include that feature.

Are “ghost hunters” sometimes encountering faeries?

When you’re watching paranormal-themed TV shows, pay close attention to the descriptions of the entities.

Though the homeowners and the investigators may call some entities “ghosts” or even “demons,” I think they’re often describing faeries.

And, when someone tells me they see “orbs” in real life — not just in photos and video images — I wonder if they’re actually talking about faeries.

I’m not sure how many people (or TV shows) confuse ghosts and faeries, but I am certain that some of them do.

So, if you watch those shows, pay attention to how the entity is described.

They might be talking about a faerie, not a ghost.

6 thoughts on “How Many ‘Ghosts’ are Faeries?”

  1. This is absolutely right on. I myself have heard many faerie encounters confused with ghost encounters. Especially as far as the orbs are concerned.

  2. I’m a medium and channel faeries on a regular basis, and I came across this post when I decided to google “faerie encounters”, which sometimes I do often to see if I can find other people like me who also can channel.

    1. As far as I’m aware, fae don’t particularly care whether or not you’re a tidy person. If they’re taking your things it’s because they find them interesting or because they know that it bothers you. Normally they’ll take things that they know you care about, just because you care about them, or things that you need. For me, they generally take jewelry that means something to me, and sometimes they’ll take it right off of you. I lost a bracelet my father bought me that way.

    2. Faeries like your pets, especially smaller dogs and most definitely cats. Cats see things that most people can’t or don’t.

    3. Not all faeries have wings. The Gentry surely do not. There’s this common misconception that not only do faeries have wings, but that they’re small and pixie-like. There are some fae that do have wings and fit this description, but not all of them. Sidhe and Tuatha de Danann are large, tall and towering, beautiful and terrifying to behold. It’s very easy to mistake a fae for a ghost, especially if it’s a Gentry faerie. However, Ghosts have a completely different signature than Faeries or even demons do. Ghosts are driven by human energy, because ghosts are or were, at some point, human. Human energy is extremely potent and powerful, because originally it belonged in the material plane. Ghosts have the ability to move things and mess around on a more massive level because the energy doesn’t go anywhere, it’s just contained in less solid form than it used to be.

    Most people will believe in ghosts or demons before believing in faeries, which is the reason that fae don’t have nearly as much power as they used to. If things go missing in your house, the chances are that you might just be particularly forgetful, or you might have faeries, but because belief in fae is so limited now, most fae don’t have enough energy to do much on the mortal plane and if they do, then they’re very large (meaning, they’re probably nobles). Belief is a very powerful thing, and the more you believe, the more power that you give them.

    4. Faeries can’t necessarily walk through walls, but they CAN walk through closed doors and windows, an opening is an opening. They aren’t bound by material things or human physical laws. I was channeling a faerie and walked into the door, because the faerie that was inside my body forgot momentarily that he couldn’t just walk through it like normal. If fae couldn’t walk through things, then they couldn’t follow you, they’d be trapped if you locked doors on them.

    There is an old ward-spell, where you use salt water and line all the doors, windows, light sockets and vents, and then your room is protected against supernatural beings who want inside. I’m not sure if this works against ghosts or not, but it’s worked for me against nasty things and faeries.

    5. Ghost hunters and those occult reality TV shows sometimes do encounter fae and call them demons or ghosts, because, as previously stated, not many people believe in faeries. If you call something a faerie, most people automatically think of Tinkerbell, and “Cute little Tink! How could she possibly cause so much trouble?!” Well… if you actually read the story…

    So, not only do most people not believe and if you say “faerie”, most people will laugh, which makes you lose credibility. Also, calling something paranormal on Television a faerie, means that you have to now go on and explain what a faerie is… and there are a bunch of different kinds of faeries. Honestly, I saw this once on Paranormal State. They called it a Native American demon, but it was a faerie. And I wrote to them and told them so. ^.-

  3. I’ve often thought the same thing, and I’m sure that is the case. The thing is; ghosts are popular, well known, and among many, are believed in. Whereas faeries are not. It seems nowadays so many people have ghosts on the mind. So it would be only natural for someone to assume it was a ghost causing any sort of paranormal disturbance(although demons are also getting their fair share of blame nowadays, they have seem to become popular recently too). Faeries just would never cross anyone’s mind, and if suggested would be seen as ridiculous, or a non issue.

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