Garden Faeries?

faerie garden lairs ?
Do faeries (fairies) sometimes live in garden lairs?

I had never heard of a garden fairy (faerie) lair before I saw this article.  And, looking at the photo… well, she might be right.

May Dreams Gardens: Revealing birds, fairies, and letters


It is even harder, though, to be quiet enough to sneak up to this spot and actually see the garden fairies than it is to sneak up on the birds. They are too swift and alert to be caught out in the open by a big awkward gardener

I’m not sure why this make so much sense to me.  I’m not even sure the gardener is serious about this.  However, it seemed to ring true when I read it.

As I’m writing this, here in New Hampshire, snow is on the ground.  However, when spring arrives… well, this might be something to create in the garden, with moss and clover and other faerie-like plants.

It’s something to add to your garden plans.  Let me know what happens, if you try this.

Also, I noticed this variation on my faerie door ideas.  It’s just the door and the window, to attach to a tree in your garden.

Though it’s designed as a cute decoration, it might just work if you’d like faeries to visit you.

5 thoughts on “Garden Faeries?”

  1. Really interesting.. I’ll need that door to help me build a nice Fairy Home out of that old tree stump… and maybe I can try looking for garden lairs too…

  2. This Spring I’m planning on making a beautiful garden in my backyard, I’m going to make cute fairy houses and put pretty stones around the garden, too!

  3. I love fairies and I am thinking about making a fairy house, I also collected fairies favorate flowers photos to grow a fairy garden, and interesting website u have. If I have attracted a fairy and make her my friend, so I will try to tell u too..

    1. I’m not sure I’d consider them an actual menace. More like mischief-makers, and some more than others.

      Also, from my research, the Irish don’t consider faeries as dangerous as the Scots do, when talking about their Unseelie Court faeries.

      So, I think it’s more a matter of attitude, and which risks you’re willing to take.

      For example: in the garden, I’d be fine with a Green Man protecting my property and the plants on it.

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