Flying Faeries – fairies that fly!

Faeries podcast - free - Flying faeries and fairies that fly Flying fairies (or flying faeries) are a popular and controversial topic.

This 14-minute podcast divides flying faeries into three categories:

  1. Faeries in the parkWinged faeries and those that fly in their own form (not shapeshifters) and by their own power.  These include flying fairies such as Tinkerbell, but also orbs that represent faeries.
  2. Faeries — such as Trows — that levitate, or fly on twigs, flower stems, and so on.  Many of them use magick (magic) phrases, including “Horse & Hattock.”
  3. Faeries (or part-faeries) that are shapeshifters and take the form of birds or other flying creatures.  These include the Swan Maidens, who may appear as birds or they may fly with the aid of a magical cloak of feathers.

Some creatures are not flying fairies, but may be confused with them.  They include:

  • Angels
  • Vampires
  • Incubus and succubus

Flying fairies include flying pixies — or piskies (also called pigsies) — that appear as white moths around dusk.

Some faeries shapeshift into butterflies, and some may appear as flies.

Other faeries shapeshift from human-like form into birds.   Earl Fitzgerald, the son of Aine (a faerie) and Gerald, Earl of Desmond, can appear as a goldfinch.

Similar stories appear in history and faerie lore from Siberia to the Dakotas.

If you’re interested in flying fairies (also spelled flying faries or flying faeries),  and want more information about faeries, listen to this podcast.

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Podcast music:

The Moods of Man, written & orchestrated by James Underberg

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