3 thoughts on “Fairy Trees in Ireland”

  1. I have a fairy garden in my backyard that’s made out of an 100 year old tree.( the tree is from Ireland) I’m half Irish I ask questions to my dad still about Ireland. I read your article about banshees. I love reading your articles!
    Is it true that if a fairy baby is ill when he or she born the mother replays the fairy baby with a human?
    Is it possible if you have messy hair and get sick a lot you could be a fairy? I could be a fairy then.
    Just wondering……

    1. Margaret, thanks for the compliments! If you’re half-Irish, you probably have some faerie ancestry. Most Irish do.

      Getting sick a lot isn’t part of it. Difficult-to-tame hair can be genetic. Look for hair conditioners that don’t coat your hair with wax or anything else that’s unnatural.

      (I’ve had the best luck with regular use of Yves Rocher products, some of which are made in Ireland, or used to be, anyway. I alternate their Lissange shampoo & conditioner, and their Boucles – Bouncy Curls – products. But first, you may need to use a shampoo to strip wax or petroleum product build-up off your hair. Baking soda can do that, but it may be a little harsh. I don’t usually talk about this kind of thing, but I really wish someone had given me advice when I was a teen and my hair was always frizzy-messy.)

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