Faeries likes and dislikes

You do not have to believe in faeries. You must be willing to objectively see what’s going on around you, but you don’t have to believe.

The faeries are real, whether you believe in them or not. They won’t stay where they’re ignored or ridiculed, but they are very, very real.

I fully realize how odd it sounds, to say that I see faeries and interact with them. I mean, I would never mention this in conversation at a corporate cocktail party, and expect to be taken seriously!

However, I really do see them, and others do too, regardless of how they explain them. Even complete skeptics notice the flitting lights and shadows in our home, and often ask what they are. Sometimes I say, “I don’t know,” which is true. At other times, I’ll admit, “We think they’re faeries.”

Regardless of the explanation, the visitor will usually comment that he/she is still seeing these odd little things, later.

So, if you raise an eyebrow as you read this, it’s okay. I know that, whether or not you believe in them, you will see them if they’re nearby.

It will take an open mind to accept their reality.

How to attract faeries

How do you attract faeries? Like other beings, faeries have their own likes and dislikes. It’s difficult to say, “Oh, this will definitely work,” because they’re just like you and me in that respect.

We have our own reasons for going places.

For example, I love libraries but if the librarians are snooty, I won’t go back a second time.

So, if you don’t let the faeries know that you are aware of them and appreciate them, they may not return.

Here are common likes (and dislikes) of faeries:


  • Tidiness, order, and cleanliness, especially in the kitchen
  • Bread and cake – little bits set out in the evening
  • Something that clearly invites them. The faerie door is a good example.
  • Milk or water, set out in the evening, perhaps in a nice thimble (but not one made of iron or steel)
  • Glittery and shiny things – small bells, marbles, jewelry (no iron or steel)
  • Music – light, happy music, even singing in the shower can help
  • Low lighting – they are most often seen at dusk and dawn, but a small candle (electric is okay) can guide them to your home


  • Iron things. Especially scissors left out in plain view. Pins, knives, anything made of iron will frighten them, sometimes.
  • Clutter, disorder, stacks of things that haven’t been sorted, and so on
  • Bells. I know that some faeries like bells, but they are their own bells. If your cat wears a bell, or you have a very rude alarm clock, or something like that, the noise may drive away the faeries.
  • Water. Many “psychic” experiences are attributed to a deep, hidden stream under a building. Some faeries are the opposite: They don’t like to cross a stream, hidden or visible. (Then again, we have plenty of faeries who live in or near the water, so this isn’t a firm rule.)
  • Looking them in the eye. It is said that you can gain control over a faerie, especially a Leprechaun, if you look him/her straight in the eye and hold that gaze.

Forest illustration by Timo Balk
Used with permission.

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  1. wow foina this sight has been very helpful but still cant see fairies but i will be patient and wait , if its cold do they come out

  2. Hi am not sure what am. I once was called a fey protector but really I can’t say. I had a fey friend when I was just a child but around 15 or 16 she faded out slowly as if I when blind and deaf to her. I never stopped believing either just sorta fell in to a depression. I just wanna see her one last time too make sure she’s OK. Also I’d like to know is it weird to be pulled into avolon against or at will? II astral traveled to the wood there aa couple times but was pulled in late time unexpectedly and not to the wood either but some place else. I thought some one might know as it is one of may realms that house fey.

  3. Thank you for this page! I just have one question; I sometimes leave some candy for the fairies on a little table, but what should I do after I have left it there one night? I know they dont literally eat it like we do but what do I do with the leftovers? Can I simply throw it away or would that annoy them?

    1. Sophie, some people go ahead and eat the candy. Others are uneasy about that, and prefer to flush it, bury it (at the base of a tree), or simply place it in the trash.

      Follow your instincts. They’re probably correct for your situation, and your faeries.

  4. This comment is aimed at Ted williams, I hate to burst your delusional bubble, but the faeries ARE REAL, I witnessed them bring my nephew back after he stopped breathing right in front of me. so take your negativity and go elsewhere please, those of us who believe in it share a bond with the fae that people like you will never understand. tell Selina fenech they are not real when they helped cure her cancer

  5. Hi:
    I have a “healer” who taps into to many types of Beings and I often receive messages from them through her. During one session, fairies “came through” and told me I would find my lost wallet near a “seat”. They also asked me to get to know them and learn to hear them (so that I may write some of their truths for them). They said they were not mischievous and that I would know them in the woods I like to walk in. I have not been diligent in trying to focus on them, however much I know they exist.( I did sense them shortly after the session on a particular path, but have not walked it since winter set in.) Now, I had already done a thorough search of my wallet, and then again after this session…near car seats, baby seats, toilet seats, couches, benches, etc. to no avail. No problem..whether I find my wallet or not does not change my knowing they exist. A friend suggested I ask them …. explain how I could really use the cash in the wallet especially now… to help me find it or to bring it into view. I kind of laugh, thinking they were pranking me, but know they specifically said they weren’t mischievous, so I go back and forth. .I have no problem “letting go” of my wallet, but would love to find it. Perhaps this was their way of enticing me to get to know them…like my finding the wallet would be a reward of some kind. I believe they were genuinely trying to help me. So…. have people asked and received…or have lost items appeared…or perhaps the answer is to really do what they asked and find a way to communicate with them? Any comments would be appreciated.

  6. Has anyone ever heard how faeries like or dislike bagpipes? I imagine they do like music, but I am wondering whether they are especially drawn to or repulsed by bagpipe music.

  7. Okay, I know this will most likely sound weird, but here goes. For a while now, seemingly small things have been happening around my home: food goes missing (today two jars of sauce went missing, two packages of meat about a month ago), an unopened package of sponges was buried in the bottom of the trash, windows open and close, and things just seem to be hidden or disappear. Is it possible that a gnome or some type of fairy could be doing this? And if so, is there a way to make it stop or make the entity go away?

    1. Cheyenne, that sounds exactly like faeries. When it happens at our house, we usually interpret it as a sign that the faeries want us to reorganize our belongings so they’re more tidy. So far, over at least 10 years, that’s always reduced the pranks — items taken or hidden from us — or at least given us a break from objects turning up in ridiculous locations.

      The window issue might be something different. First, try reorganizing and tidying and see if that helps.

  8. Hey Fiona.
    This website was really helpful and I want to try and make a fairy house.The problem is that I don’t know what to put in it. Should I put a bed, a table, some chairs, mini clay bowls, and that kind of stuff that you would have at your own home?

    1. Kay Anne, I recommend some small furniture, either dollhouse furniture or — much better — things you make yourself from twigs and dried flowers, and other natural materials.

  9. Hi!
    I have heard from many different stories that faeries can’t lie, I believe it to be true but there is always a chance I’m wrong so please don’t be offended. I read many things about them speaking in riddles so they’re not lying but it’s also confusing to the listener
    I absolutely adore the author Holly Black and I feel that her modern fairy tales are grey at portraying the unseelie court of faeries
    Considering that all faeries arnt all sweet and happy and there is a dark side to every tale

  10. Ugh, I cannot believe that people aren’t believing in fairies.They are real and I totally know it. I have gotten letters from them.I am 10 and I believe in them no matter what.

  11. I am 10 years old and I love faires, I have been building homes for them since I was 7 , it is nice to know other people share my intrests.

  12. I have learned by setting out herbs and strawberrys in my fairy house that faires are very smart, I put the food in a cuboard and the next morning they are gone, sometimes the faires will move things around. They have even left little pinecones, and we don’t even have a pine tree. I have one question though, I sometimes hear little voices and little bell sounds in my room at night, could it be faires?

  13. First of all I’d like to say that anything that doesn’t have some truth to it eventually dies and passes away, lost somewhere in the annals of history. I personally have never seen a Faerie but, have seen the grim reaper, So I believe all is possible.
    I would love to talk to one, maybe They could guide me away from my difficult life.
    Is there any chant or phrase that may help them appear?

  14. Hello. You seem to know a lot about fairies. I got to say, though, I don’t know what to do about having someone that lives with me who makes hand made things. So she has lots of scissors and pins. I’m afraid this will frighten the fairies. Also, I’m not going to yell at the frighting fairies. This could make them angry at them, but I don’t know what else to do. I AM afraid they will hurt me, although I just want them to be happy. What should I do?

  15. I know this is an older post, but I love it! I don’t know if faeries are real, but I’d like to think so, as would my 7 year old. As for people who say it’s not believable because we haven’t seen them, nor have we seen God, but we believe in Him. I believe in this world that most anything is possible and plausible. I would love to be fortunate enough to see a faerie but if not, it still never hurts to believe in something beautiful! Thank you for posting this!

  16. Ummmm…
    Your confusing me. You said they like milk and water but then in the dislikes you said they don’t like water!

    1. Jaimee, diluting milk with water is very different from water. Most cats will drink diluted milk. If you try to get them into the bath, they’ll screech, scratch, and bolt.

      Or, to put it another way: I like soft drinks like 7-Up. However, I only like diluted 7-Up. If someone were to serve me 7-Up syrup (they way it’s delivered to many restaurants, or for SodaStream owners), undiluted, I’d say that I hated it.

      In addition, it’s difficult to make generalities that apply to all faeries, as if they’re a homogeneous group. Some cultures (and individuals) include dragons and mermaids in the fey world. I can assure you that dragons have a very different diet — as well as likes & dislikes — than mermaids, in most cases.

      If you’re looking for “fairy” rules that are consistent for all faeries, I recommend websites that specialize in fictional accounts of the fairy world, not a site like this one.

  17. I have to admit, I’m surprised that such an old page still has comments coming. Looks like I’ve found a place to post my question :)
    Yesterday, I got this curious feeling about something, and started looking up the word ‘fairy’. Before I realized it, the day was already over! Today, I tried to communicate with them, and I prayed under a tree in my backyard that I would be able to see one one day, if fairies were real. I left one of my favorite crystals there. Here’s the thing: I was planning to find a four-leaf clover when the summer ended. Half an hour later, I went back outside and found a four-leaf clover in the same spot. I wonder, is that left over from fairies? I feel like it is. The thought of it makes me very happy.

    1. Flora, the coincidence — if that’s all it is — is such fun, and since it makes you happy, I think it’s best to assume the faeries left it for you.

      The fact is, we have no solid proof of faeries. In most cases, the best evidence is what you feel makes sense.

      Personally, I believe in faeries, but I can’t prove that to anyone. It’s the result of many experiences that are best explained as faeries, rather than anything else.

  18. To tell the truth, before I read this I didn’t know if I believe if I believe that They are real, but this has given me a lot of confidence that they are real and now I can’t help but wonder if They really steal children and replace them when they are babies or if that is just a myth?

    1. Anna-Garlin, I’m glad you’re enjoying this website.

      Regarding the “changeling” concept — babies being replaced with gnomes, and so on — I haven’t found any references to support that idea in modern times. The most recent serious references were from before 1850. Even those are more about parents being afraid of a baby being replaced by a changeling, not something actually happening.

      Given the ancient provenance of the changeling concept, I’d wonder how many so-called changelings were victims of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome.

  19. They dont care about things being tidy, that’s an old wives tale told to children so they will tidy their rooms.
    They love to play in clutter, it’s fun for them.

    1. Ella, I haven’t a clue where you got that idea. If you can provide a reference — a respected resource — to dispute what I’m saying, I’d be very interested in reading it.

      If you leave your room messy, and I think the faeries will make their disdain clear. Either they’ll hide things from you, or they’ll avoid your room (and you) altogether.

  20. Nice site! Also, I play the flute, if I went out at around evening, maybe In a forest, and start playing it, will they like it?

    1. Alex, thanks for the compliment. Regarding the flute: I’m pretty sure they’d like the music. Whether they’d actually let you know that is another matter, but it probably won’t do any harm to entertain them. (Nevertheless, take a friend with you. Don’t wander into any forest on your own.)

  21. Also, I once left out some milk and bread, and a week later, a random plum tree was in my yard? Would a faerie do that?

    1. If a plum tree appeared in your yard, someone (not a faerie) probably planted it. Ask the person who owns or manages your property.

  22. Hi i love this it is so nice but that other guy is really mean to say that(he said fairies arnt real)do fairys like honey and i think i saw a fairy at school once

  23. hello Fiona i like your page here i am pagan and have taken part in beltane and we sumonded some fearies and i had one follow me home and now i have one watching over me nice but abit of a trickster

    1. Hello, nathanael!

      Faeries are often tricksters, and they can be mischievous. However, when summoned at a festival like the one you describe, it’s rare for one to do anything mean or deliberately upsetting. Usually, they’re very kind and watchful. I’ve often wondered if they’re part of the “Guardian angel” tradition.


  24. Fairies are real some people doesn’t believe but they are so so so so true it’s because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist maybe be if u believe more they will trust you and it is true fairies love sparkle stuf 🤗 Fairies are usually found some where deep in woods like Forest because some people will think it’s a bug and kill it and fairies are not found in every gardens ……… But I really believe in fairies because they might be around u didn’t see them cause u can think it’s a bug😝😜😜🙂 I love fairies ❤️❤️💗💗💖

  25. Hello Fiona!
    I absolutely love your site, and it’s inspiring to hear from another true believer. I have been connecting with the fairies ever since I was 5- (I’m 11) My fairy friend is quite distant now, and the last time I recieved a note from her was in Febuary. I miss her immensely, and all though I’ve tried writing to her again, she doesn’t reply or leave signs that she has been in my fairy village. What should I do?

  26. OK. Everybody is trying to be negative or saying something aggressive… can somebody explain to me why just 30 minutes ago I woke up and floating no more than 12 inches atop me was this beautiful almost transparent creature floating on the air? And the only reason I opened my eyes was the strong smell of strawberries? And the weird factor is my CAT was laying next to me “watching” the little thing? I am open to all kind of possibilities.. after all humans have only been here for a little fraction of time..yet we have destroyed almost everything in Earth…

    1. Sonny, you won’t find much negativity here. Healthy skepticism at times, but that’s the limit.

      Your vision sounds lovely. The aroma is an added feature I’ve not heard of before, and it’s intriguing.

      Also, in all paranormal research, I’ve seen pets — dogs and cats, especially — react when (or sometimes before) humans do. I’ve seen some scientific studies that suggest why that is (same reason dogs hear some whistles that seem silent to us), but I haven’t explored that angle yet. On the surface, it seems a credible explanation for their sensitivity.

      The good news about past destruction is that much of what’s important and beautiful can be restored. For example, cloning is one option, for lost species.

      In some cases, we can’t recover the original of whatever-it-was, but we can do a considerable amount to make amends for past, foolish acts.


  27. To Ted Williams
    Fairies aka Fae are real so are jinns and djinns I have them, along with other spirited items aka haunted. Your obtuse and it’s an attitude like that prevents you from communicating with them. Believe or not it’s up to you some won’t ever believe, because it goes against they were told in church.
    Do more research join a paranormal team with an open mind.

    1. Leo, I doubt that “Ted Williams” has been back to this site. People like him… they’re trolls, as far as I can tell, but not the quirky, fun, curmudgeonly kinds of trolls we know from faerie stories. Generally, I don’t approve comments like his, but I do let a few through, as a reminder that skeptical critics and uneducated people will try to spoil things for others.

      Nevertheless, your points were very well-stated. Thanks!

  28. Love it , I am making a poem about I am making a poem about about fairies for my English class . Thanks for some info

  29. I would just like to say that fairys are real. They are I have seen them before. They don’t just pick any person to by seen by them. It is truly one of the mis special spiritual things you will ever experience. You just need to believe.

  30. I have photos! Would you like to see them 😊 There isn’t an option to be able to post it to this thread, but let me know and I’ll share.

    1. Thanks for the kind offer, Joann, but it’s best if you join one of the many faerie forums, or create a Pinterest board or something, and share your photos there. (I’m not able to host or review photos, here.)

  31. This info was helpful and interesting. I didn’t know at first that fairies were repelled from iron. But now I know that. I’m guessing that’s why no fairies came to my fairy house. Thanks so much Fiona. 😋😋😜.

  32. Hi Fiona! I love this site. So I am terrified of bad fae, I’ve have experienced negative entities in my early twenties when I was doing bad things, I am kind of creeped out about the paranormal, considering all the folklore about fairies killing people for cutting down their trees, or building houses on fairy huts, and the most terrifying is the baby/child stealing or kidnapping especially considering I have a small toddler. I bought Faeries’ Oracle
    Book by Brian Froud and Wild Wisdom of Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish. (I haven’t used them yet) I’m thinking of selling them because after reading about evil fae, I’m so creeped out. Also I don’t think I’d appreciate pranks. I love unicorns and Dragons I don’t really know why I’m so creeped out by fairies. Also reading about Leanhaum-Shee, Fachan, Sluagh, and more I just don’t know what to do. Can having the oracle cards around attract unwanted fae visitors? I guess I just don’t like the idea of tricksters and evil disguised as something ethereal? Please Fiona your opinion and advice would be very much appreciated.

    1. Thanks for the compliments, Kris, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re creeped-out by bad faeries. Oh, I think it’s a well-grounded attitude, as they can be dangerous. However, your best defense is to think of yourself as bigger (physically) and stronger than them. Trying to avoid offending them might be a big red flag that lets them know you’re someone they can taunt.

      Also, iron repels faeries. Some link this belief to the arrival of the Iron Age, which marked the beginning of the diminishment of faeries’ command over nearly everything in this world. So, anything iron tends to keep faeries away. This may be one of the origins of putting a horseshoe (usually upside-down “to keep the luck from running out”) over doorways and windows. But, from my experience, anything iron — especially old-school wrought iron nails (you can find them at many hardware/DIY stores) — will keep them away. You can put one over each window (tape it up, or conceal it in a curtain) and exterior door, far away from a toddler’s reach.

      It’s a remedy I’ve recommended for people with intermittent computer problems, and — so far — people have reported 100% success with this.

      Just think of mean and prankster faeries like bullies. Don’t show fear. Stare them down and make it clear that you canNOT be intimidated.

      The more attention you give to specific faeries, the more power they have. (See the old 1998 Sam Neill TV mini-series, “Merlin,” for how much faeries — good and bad — depend on human attention. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0130414/ )

      Meanwhile, keep the cards. Remember, they include many symbols of good (and more powerful) faeries, as well.


  33. Merry Meet Fiona, when I was a little girl in Holland around 60 years ago, we lived in a house boat. Tiny people used to live under my bed, at night I would hear the laughter and stick my head over the side of the bed and watch them play. they would ask me to play with them and I always had to say , no I am not allowed out of bed. then I would hear my fathers say, put your dolls away Rika and go to sleep. I would whisper my goodnight to them and lie there wishing with all my might that I could play with them. Then we came to Australia and things changed and I never saw them again. After a while I just stopped looking for them but never forgot them. Now in my sixties I am learning to be a Green Faery Witch. Maybe one day soon I will have the pleasure of talking to them again. I can only hope. Love and Light, Lavender Rose . xo.

  34. Dear Fiona, as I lay in bed in the early hours of this morning trying to sleep I heard some noises in the hallway. the first one was what sounded like someone squeezing a frog or the like. the second was the same only softer. the third sounded like a church bell, only very softly as if in the distance. my husband did not hear anything, neither did the animals. (the dog sleeps on the foot of the bed and the cat on a chair beside the bed). could it have been the Fae, or my imagination? please give me your opinion. I have been very active of late with my Faerie oracle deck, and also my Book Of Shadows.

  35. Hi Fiona, I’m disappointed in this website, my reply and question from this morning has been ignored as well as taken off the site. might as well take my first reply off as well, I don’t need to be treated disrespectfully.
    I will sort things out for myself . .I knew there was a reason I went solitary . thanks for nothing. I wont bother you again. Rika.

  36. I apologise sincerely as for some reason my comment had disappeared from the site and I thought it was taken off from your end. so you can imagine how that made me feel. please accept my apology. sincerely Rika

    1. Hendrika,

      Like many websites, this one is set up so comments are reviewed before the public can see them. And, at this site, I usually go through comments about once a week. This is because so many comments are posted by jokers, spammers, and so on.

      I’m rarely online during weekends. Right now, since it’s October, I’m juggling my everyday work with comments at my ghost hunting sites and media inquiries for seasonal articles. So, it’s a fluke I saw this, today. (I was not awake for your first comment in today’s thread, at 3:25 AM.)

      Your apology is accepted, of course. But, if you comment again in the future, keep my schedule in mind. Especially from around mid-September through mid-November, it can be a couple of weeks until I have time to review comments at this site, and reply to them thoughtfully.

      The noises you’ve heard could be anything at all.

      On the “yes, it’s a faerie” side of the scale: your reaction is probably the most important evidence. In my experience, when someone thinks they’ve encountered something paranormal (in this case, a faerie), that weighs heavily in favor of it being whatever they think it is. The emotional connection outweighs almost anything else. (Note that I said “almost.”)

      On the “no, it’s not a faerie” side: the animals didn’t wake up or respond to the sounds. Something very quiet that doesn’t disturb animals usually indicates a normal sound, not something of paranormal origin.

      You’re the only one who can evaluate the connection you felt, if any, and decide the odds of the sounds being entirely normal, versus fae.

      Fiona Broome

  37. Just after my sister died in 2016…………..I sat outside and observed the most amazing small flickering and dancing white lights I had ever seen in my life before. They appeared approx 2 to 3 meters away and right in my vision……Everywhere I looked they were there twinkling around me and dancing around my vision. Even when I went to the toilet they followed me, I turned and looked and their they were just with me all the time. It never scared me, in fact I was comforted by their beautiful presence upon me. They stayed for three months then I noticed so many were not appearing anymore, and then they were gone.
    I spoke to people about this and they described angels were around me but I do not know anymore, I just know that they have gone. Sometimes I saw some in my bedroom when I thought they had gone, just in the ceiling I saw them again. However, they are now gone and have not seen them for several months. I really miss them XX Bye

  38. I don’t know about faeries, but this post has certainly generated a magical following! Who would have thunk? On librarians though: very few are unkind these days. Librarians are the new guardians of knowledge and privacy, bringers of light, levelers of playing fields. Hope you forgive whatever unkindness you found and return.

  39. Dear Fiona I’m Shawn and defore August 25,2017 I was a none believer of fearie ,because being the places I’ve been never seen one I would laugh and think they were seeing things. And wow I was so wrong It was aug 25 2017 I was sitting out back deck fa ring south 03:30 pm nice day when a small cloud movied from top of tall alder tree pass two small gardens paused and four small brown limbs fell out on the bottom and the forward lembs made a motion and flew into an old Chinese Apple tree I told everyone it looked like a spider one month later I found a stone shaped sacred hart I feel them outside and inside no I never gave food to them I keep that for my anamils I’m 54 years old and love nature big time I keep the snow off the grass so the birds have a plac to come and will not hurt a mouse what is your opinion

    1. Shawn, you sound like someone the faeries would reach out to. Your connection with Nature, and your kindness to the birds, are things the faeries would appreciate. Thank you for all that you do!

  40. To those who question if the fae are real. Yes they are. I’ve seen them. So did my late husband. He was so shocked it took him three days to talk about it.

  41. I like to know that we live in a world layered with an invisible one.
    I do believe in the fey and spirits and I see and feel them every day, it’s the most amazing thing one can imagine. I’ve been open to this since I was a small child and even though my family does not believe, they accept that I do and sometimes they experience very strange things too. They stare at me then and in this moment I know they question their believe ;)

  42. I see a lot of talk about “good” and “bad” faeries. Seelie and Unseelie isn’t a real thing.
    All faerie are in between. They are not black and white. Good or bad.

    1. Agreed. It’s easy (perhaps too easy) for us to throw labels on things we don’t fully understand. I’m not sure “faeries” are all one thing. For all we know, they may be a wide range of entities that don’t see themselves in a single category.

      I guess it’d be like someone in another reality, on another planet, describing people, honeybees, and lions as “Earthlings” because we’re all in this reality and on this planet.

      Getting stung by a bee the entity had annoyed, or losing a friend to a hungry lion… it’d be easy to categorize Earthlings as “bad,” when what’s needed is a deeper grasp of other entities, their cultural contexts, their standards, and what they do as survival… or even for entertainment.

  43. hi I have been hassled off and in by fairies for the past twenty years I have hundreds of photos of them Glasgow University’s Analytical society in Scotland is publishing my book soon it’s called welcome to my world
    My experiences with them have been good and bad
    They actually have been sitting on my shoulders for over a year now they entered my house a week before my father passed away as orbs I thought it was my dead relatives coming for my father and to say it’s okay I started to film the orbs
    Then I realised it was demonic fairies
    I don’t dislike them I just dislike the pain in my neck
    fairies are very real and nothing like the Disney movies they can be very frightening some of them
    The ones in my home range from a inch small to over 2 ft
    I have nomes sprites and pixies too
    All my photos have been checked and proven to be real by forensic scientists

  44. I may be a little late to comment haha but I was just wondering, because the fey do not like iron, does that mean any piercings or anything will scare them off? I have about 12 of them, three on my face and 9 on my ears.

    1. I’ve often wondered about that sort of thing, Haley G. I wonder if they view “pretty” iron differently…? So many great questions to ponder! Cheerfully, Fiona

  45. I am twelve years old, and I think that I have some far blood. I don’t think it is very much, but salt can give me headaches, and I have a sense of premonition. My friend is burned by salt and has some supernatural abilities. We have both noticed strange things going on in our houses, such as random green things being moved and going missing. We also think that our friend’s cat was eaten by a goblin. I have been trying everything to keep the faeries away. I have red curtains, wear my socks inside out and carry around some iron things. I think that they are mad that we are researching them and want us to stop, but I love researching the far and I want to learn more. Please advise. P.S. I am a descendant of Charlemagne. If I have far blood, does that make me a fairy princess? ;)

    1. Ava Mae, I always encourage people to research topics that interest them, especially the fae. And yes, traditionally, the fae don’t like people talking about them, writing about them, researching them, and so on. Is that true…? I have no idea.

      And, in my opinion, if you feel like a fairy princess, you are one! :D

      Cheerfully, Fiona

  46. Me and my daughter just saw one today I swear I never believe in this but today we both saw one on top of us flying it look just like the ones on the movies exept clothes gray color skin 10/12/2018

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