Faeries and ‘Imaginary’ Friends

fairyland255Parents often contact me because they’re afraid that a child’s ‘imaginary’ friend is actually a ghost.

In most cases, they don’t need to worry.  I believe that the vast majority of invisible friends (or friends that only the child can see) are faeries.

Shy faeries may choose to remain invisible.  Other faeries have their own reasons for appearing translucent or as a simple ball of light.   Some might be scary to a small child… and even more scary to a skeptical adult!

However, the loss of a childhood ‘imaginary’ friend is one of the great tragedies of growing up.  It’s so traumatic for some people that, when they become parents, they want to banish the entity — as a ghost — before the child can become emotionally attached to it.

If you had an imaginary friend when you were little, think about this:  What if that friend had been real, after all?

When children are very small, they’re too young to know that ‘faeries aren’t real’.  So, they encounter them… sometimes every day.

It’s a happy friendship.

I think that we’re doing children and faeries a huge disservice by insisting that those friends are merely imaginary.  It’s even worse when parents decide that they’re ghosts, and try to drive them away.

crocus-75Do you think that ‘imaginary’ friends might be faeries?

I’d like to hear your opinions.  Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

18 thoughts on “Faeries and ‘Imaginary’ Friends”

  1. I have an imaginary friend. Her name is George and she lives in Ireland. She is a bit of a tomboy and we share many secrets with eachother. Sometimes I speak to her with telapathic skills, asI get lonley when I am not in Ireland. It’s weird though because sometimes she just pops up in my mind as though she wants to talk to me. I no for sure that George is not a ghost. But could she be a bigger type of faerie, like a changling (a changling is when a human baby is born and the elves swap their baby with a human baby) but it’s strange beacuse sometimes she can become so real, like shes really talking to me in my mind! I”m seeing her soon and I’m really excited!

  2. When I was young, I had an entire imaginary family. A brother and sister, a mother, and a father. I never classified them until I was older. I only knew they were real, and that was all I could say. Would say. When I was older, I began being contacted by entities–in my mind–who said they were ghosts, and continue to be to this day. As a result, I began to assume that my “imaginary” family were ghosts. However, it seems much more likely for an actual, blood-related family to be faerie and not ghost.

  3. Well, personally, I’ve never had a stuck imaginary friend. For me it’s been stuffed animals, but they were always alive… that is until I moved. They were packed up in a u-haul for about a week, and now… well now it feels like something’s missing… =( I don’t know if it’s because of the different location, or that I hadn’t talked to them for a week, or that maybe I’ve grown-up, but now it feels like my connection with them is lost.

    I hope you don’t think I’m crazy, or something of the sort. Then again, I don’t think that you’re the type of person that would do that. =)

    Any thoughts…?

    1. Brenna, I think it’s possible that the energy in your animals actually remained at your old home, at least for awhile. This is normal. By now, I hope that they seem as real to you as before.

  4. my daughter had imaginary friends from the time she could walk. she called them her nitelight birds. we carried these 3 birds with litterally every where we went for 3 years. what amazes me the most is she never forgot them or left them anywhere she always told me she could see where they were, then one day she said they left and i havent heard anything bout them since.

  5. :( i never had a Imaginary Friend as i Recall even now i dont have one and i am ALMOST a Teenager

    Faeries dont want to meet me :(

    1. Samy, It’s important to be patient. Faeries can be pranksters and many of them like to tease people. If you’re too eager to meet them, they’ll hide. It’s part of the game.

  6. The world is a much bigger, dynamic and conscious place than many of us have been taught to believe. When we set all of that limiting prejudice about what is “real” and “unreal” aside for a moment and lend credence to those creatures, those subtle voices that we intuit to be present, grant those voices the honor of personhood, a dialogue can occur and a more comprehensive view of the world – of the fullness of the world around us opens. This dialogue can occur with a Faerie, a stone, a tree, or even a park bench. When we honor the Faeries, leave food for them or simply engage them in conversation and allow ourselves to believe in their presence, our whole concept of the universe opens and blooms like a flower garden. For me Faeries are intelligent energy. They are creatures who have from time to time been in physical form and have mastered the skill of moving through out time and the physical world of “consensus reality”. If you need some sort of validation for your quest in this area consider that Quantum Physics is presently considering the same thing, but with different vocabulary. They call them intelligent particles, we call them Faeries.
    Bright blessings,
    John @ Fairy Woodland

  7. i have a sad story i think. i never had a real imaginary friend. i wanted a real one so bad when i was little, but i had been convinced by my parents that they werent real, so i made one up. basically i was just talking to myself, but i pretended there could be someone there to listen. it was a girl my age with high, blonde pigtails named Sally. she was a character out of my learning books. i think that’s sad, that i was made to grow up too fast and i never had an imaginary friend. i thought maybe if i pretended really good and tried really hard that she would become real… but that also made believing in faeries and such now all the easier because there was a part of my childhood that was robbed and in that part is the ability to believe. so now i do believe. i havent seen one yet, but i still have the rest of my life :)

  8. Many imaginary friends are spirit guides, sent to help us through the beginning stages of incarnations. i don’t think i had any – although now that i think about it, there was a group of people i imagined every night….

  9. I would like to answer all the article and the comments, however this is not possible for me to do in one foul swoop. Yes, imaginary friends are real, ie. they are not actually imaginary, but most often they are Faeries. Faeries are there to help you, your children, and your life. It is not necessary to lose touch with the imaginary friend as one grows up. It is true that faeries often speak to you through telepathy, an ability that all living things have. The thing that stops adults from hearing the telepathic messages from faeries, each other, and their children is simply too great a focus on physicality mainly through the utilization of psychic energy to project the beliefs, opinions, and wants of their body and mind. A faerie that befriends you at any point in your life will for ever after remain receptive to telepathic messages from you. You can always find your imaginary friend once more if you give up obsessing on your body, your soul, and your self image. It is possible to be physical, soulful, and psychic when needed and to unsheathe the spirit and communicate with telepathy at other times. This is quite difficult for a modern person of course, but with internal discipline and absolute faith in the guidance of the creating force that you believe in these polar opposites can be achieved.

  10. wen i was 3 or 4 i had an amaginary frends but wer vary real to me some times thay wold let me sea them as wate i belev thay looked like one drest in wate looked like purpul flawer petals and grean levas. and was very sad wen she left but it was sutch a beutiful thing to have an amagary frend that i wold never deprive some one frume it.

  11. 2 years ago my mom found these little faerie minature figures and gave them to me. I was disapointed they werent real but I still treasured them. Then one night when i woke up the faeries were moving and flying and alive they even had these pretty gold auras. then when i awoke i brought them with me to see my mom and to my surprize one of the faerie’s wings were broken and they never played with me again :(

  12. I have had a imaginary friend but she’s not imaginary. Her name was helen she had the finest strawberry blonde hair that was like long waves. I believe she is an elven female,she is very similiar to the spiderwick woodelf. Her wings though are faded like a cicada (vegistal wings). Boy elves are not TINY.

  13. I never had an imaginary friend, however like Brenna I thought that my stuffed animals were sentient(a tad animistic eh?)and I was a little afraid of them actually. I was always conscious to treat them kindly and be friendly and on good terms with them. I was afraid, since they were in the bed with me when I slept, if I made them angry or hurt, they might do something to me in my sleep. So I had a love/fear thing going on with my stuffed animals. Looking back through writing this just made me realize how paranoid it all seemed! LOL!

  14. Since i could talk, My third word was my “imaginary” friends name. I called him Tim or Timmy. Though that is not his true name, CANT GIVE ANYONE THAT. but he was a Dark Fae, he protected me, He saved me. He was everything. Then one day in kindergarden he left, I have no idea what happened to him.

    He was sunkissed even though he was more a winter Fae, His wings were like dragon flies, He wore Very strong but soft leather armor. His hair would change from Frost covered to soild black, his blue eyes pierced my soul.

    I would love to look for him, but that would make me unfaithful to my husband and child. Because I know i loved this Fae.

    Now this isn’t a distintion I made later, I was brought up in a very religious home and didn’t watch any kind of anythign with Faeries until i was in Elm school. But I talked about them and what they were all the time.

    Some are small and minor Fae, but my Tim, he was Human sized, he was strong, stood tall. I would tell my family about the world cosntantly, they thought i made a lot of it up, But later on I realized I didn’t. It was real. He is real, but I fear the winter court has captured him.

    I feel like some kind of werido believing this so strongly. I’m an adult with a family. and no one really believes me. But it’s true. So true.

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