Epcot’s “Green Man”

Epcot's Green Man

In faerie lore, the “Green Man” protects the forests, including the plants & animals in it. He’s rarely seen, and – though I’ve noticed his figure represented at Epcot’s “Living with the Land” attraction – I wasn’t sure I wanted to reveal him.

At times, he’s easy to see. After you pass the first half of the stormy, wooded display, he’s just past a fallen tree. He’s on the far side of a standing tree, sometimes concealed by lighting effects.

Unless someone at Disney reads this and changes the display, the easiest way to spot him is to look for a large, leafy shrub with a yellow-ish “glove” on the figure’s left hand. (That’s on his right side as you’re looking at him from the boat.)

Sometimes, I describe it as his “Michael Jackson glove.” When you see it, it really does look like a glove. That’s what first got my attention.

I’m not sure if he was planted (no pun intended) there, deliberately. He’s been part of Epcot’s “Living with the Land” for at least seven years.

I’ve searched YouTube videos, hoping to find just one that clearly shows him, but most are far too dark.

In the following video from 2011, you can almost see him, though I don’t see the yellow glove. (That may be a later addition to him.)

Here’s a screenshot to show you what to look for at the 2:33 point in the YouTube video.

Epcot's Green Man

Here’s the actual video (fast-forward to around 2:30 if you’re in a hurry to see him):


Though that’s not a clear view of Epcot’s “Green Man,” it should be enough for you to find him if you’re at Disney World and go on the “Living with the Land” attraction.

I’ve looked for him in other parts of that attraction, but haven’t seen anything else that’s clearly a faerie of any kind, including a Green Man.

In the jungle section (look for vines and monkeys on the left, and a waterfall on the right), I’ve seen what looked like a figure, moving around near the top of the rocks on the right.

But, in over 50 visits, I’ve only seen that figure twice and it was in the shadows. So, it may have been a Disney cast member or maintenance worker, making an urgent repair or tweak.

The main Green Man – illustrated above – is the only one I’m pretty sure you’ll see, if you’re at Epcot and look for him.

I’m not claiming he’s an actual Green Man. Also, it may be just a configuration of leaves that look a lot like a Green Man.

My most likely explanation is: Someone who built or maintains Epcot’s “Living with the Land” attraction wanted to hint at a classic figure from faerie lore.

I think that’s a wonderful tribute to the Green Man and other “green faeries.”

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