Do You See Faeries?

Do you see faeries?

Faeries can look like anyone else you see daily, and they don’t always have wings. In fact, most of them don’t.

Many faeries — and people of faerie descent — are the same size as everyone else.  You might pass by them on the street, at work or at school, and not realize it.

They can be young, old, happy, sad, quiet, boisterous, and nice… or really not nice.

Some things can look different.  Of course, some faeries are tiny and have wings, like Tinkerbell.

Others are two or three feet tall, and they can look like miniature humans, or their skin color can be very different from human skin.  Or, they may look almost exactly like garden gnomes.

Even faeries the same size as humans (or larger) can have skin that’s blue (similar to the Blue Man Group) or dark green if their realm is in the forest, such as the Green Man of fact and folklore.

Another is the clothing they wear… or choose to wear. I personally think that people drawn to Renaissance faires may be closer to their own fae ancestry.

I talk about fae ancestry at

How much a person acts like a faerie probably depends on genetics as well as an inner sense of their connection to the fae world.

The best way I can describe it is in terms of ethnic festivals: You’ll see people at Greek festivals, Irish festivals, and so on, and they look really Greek or Irish or whatever. Genetically, they’re still very dominated by that part of their wonderful heritage, even though they may be a third (or fourth or fifth) generation away from the people who lived in that country.

Weirdly, in my family, many of us can’t drink alcohol without getting utterly drunk within a few sips. All of us — even some really distant cousins I’ve met — share one Native American ancestor from the 1600s.  She and her husband are sometimes our only genetic connection.

If one, quirky genetic trait can remain strong for 400 years, I’m sure that faerie qualities can appear in families for that long… or longer.

So, in my opinion, it’s possible for fae traits, qualities and abilities to carry forward even with just a tiny amount of faerie ancestry.

In my opinion, Brian Froud really understands faeries.  Sure, he’s flippant about them, but faeries usually have a great sense of humor, themselves.

His books are lovely to look at and amusing to read.  However, tucked amid the humor, you’ll find many very accurate details about real faeries.

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  1. Wow!
    You make it feel great for me to come back and read up on my old favorite topics. But, I have a few questions to ask…So, do faeries appear invisible to other animals they share their homes with like snakes or owls or cats and dogs? and if these other animals know about faeries do they communicate or try to eat the smaller ones(at their own risk of course) or rather pay them no mind?
    …And, lucky for me I have a whole large wood in the back of the apartment complex I live in. It’s really messy though b/c a lot of trees have been chopped down and stuff. You can just tell it’s been inhabited a lot by builders and children playing in the streams back there…but across the stream is a place that is all natural looking except for a really old grill.
    I want to contact the faeries there in the winter (because during spring and summer the grass,weeds, snakes, etc. are really intense back there!) alone though as I always go back there alone. Even though I heard your podcast about the dangerous types of faeries I don’t think I’ll have a problem because I’ve tried contact before and I actually did start seeing little things that were suspicious but I think I scared whatever away when I started singing pop and gospel songs as loudly as possible to my imaginary audience (of people). lol Ooh! But, you know what, my singing did get tremendously better in no time when I got home! even though I was never bad in the first place. :-)

  2. Wow, Fiona.
    This is great. I just found this site today. I am inpressed. I love this site as much as Hollow Hill. I am glad I am not the only crazy person that believes that fairies may exsist. Ok. I have never seen one with my own eyes (yet). I haven’t seen Bigfoot, Aliens, or God. But I know they are exsisting out there. Years ago I have done extenseive research on fairies. They fasinate me. Tiny human-like beings with wings? I don’t think so. But who really knows. LOL. I do know that they don’t wear clothing as we do. I just cannot fathom that idea. I have a photograph that looks just like a fairy that was taken during a ghost hunt. Of course, it’s nothing more than a moth illuminated by a flash of my camera. It was an accidental amazing photo that I had to frame it and hang it in my office.
    Anyway. Thanks for another great site.

  3. Hi!
    Brian Froud is accurate about the faery that I had encountered two years ago- He painted some male pixies– and I saw a woman pixie- very small and resting in my hair looking at me with the most sweetest face– she had total empathy in her eyes towards me as I was depressed that morning from a family argument.

    Brian Froud’s depiction of these Pixies is sort of bold, wiry and pixie-gangster-like but she was much more softer and actually more royal– like she was someone of position with her people.

    She had similar eyes and light cocoa brown skin only it was much more softer skin, and her eyes were more oval and not squinty- Otherwise, his depiction was very accurate!
    I had never seen his paintings of them before my encounter.

  4. In fact much of what was said in this article is quite true. The comment about native american sensitivity to alcohol is absolutely correct and that dominant genetic characteristic is in fact also associated with a severe sensitivity to sugar which may, amongst other effects, contribute markedly to enormous gains in body weight after youthful vigour diminishes. However, there are two very important points I must raise. Faerieness is in no way a genetic characteristic. It is a spiritual characteristic which may be observed in humans as well as animals, plants, or even such things as rocks which are thought of as not living. Essentially, Faeries do what they are told to by, well perhaps it would be put in a manner least objectionable if it was called the Force. It is true that some faeries are very much not nice at times, but they never break the laws of the universe although it is possible to do this. When a human behaves like, adopts the behaviours of, or thinks in a faerie like manner they are faerified and this is the source of both the part faerie people and apparent ancestry. Faeries are put where they are needed to help earthly creations, to keep this simple. AVE’

  5. How can you tell fae apart? Do some sing? How do you know if a faerie is your neighbor? How can you attract them? Where can you find them? Do they speak in tongues?

  6. Hi Fiona, I love Your podcasts! One thing that I would like to know is that when you talk about faeries, I get like the same tingling sensation that I feel when ghost hunting. It also happens when I am on misty beaches at dusk. Is it ghosts or faeries?

    1. Taylor M.,

      Thanks for the compliments!

      What you’re describing might be faeries. It’s not likely to be ghosts.

      Fiona Broome

  7. Hi,I absolutely love this.
    My family was partly from Ireland and I beleive we had Fae ancestry. I am told all the time that I am a faerie by a girl who is in almost complete harmony with supernatural. She beleives I am one,and it is quite fun..but I am not sure. I enjoyed your article,and it has helped me even more. It is a releif to find that not everyone thinks Fae are tiny three inch creatures with wings.

    Continue with your studies,

  8. This is probably going to throw you but through meditation and family member. But to start with Faery blood actually skips ageneration, I don’t know if it does it for everyones but it does on my mom’s and my dad’s (yes something both my families have faery blood what r the odds) but my grandpa on my dad’s side has the blood so it skipped my dad. My mom has the faery blood so it would have skipped me on her side and went to my kids but because on my dads side it skipped him and went to me. So my family will have like a 5 straight generation faery blood line then i guess it gets inturpted again. I guess if your not true blood there has to be a break in the but bloodline. With our family it my be different because my family member somehow found out I am a Faery Princess.

  9. is it common for people with direct heritage the irish people to be able to see faeries? im like 85% and ive noticed i see people that others dont that seem to be like faeries. i woke up one night and saw one screwing around in my cupboard. the thing scared the shit out of me: it was tall with insanely thin limbs and sort of mushroooms growing out of the brown skin. when it noticed it me it smiled and flashed me a toothless grin that stretched to its black eyes. then it sort of soluted me with its long and extra jointed hand and left through an open window across from the kitchen. any ideas on what type it was and why it was in my house?

  10. the only reason why i see faeries is because i found the ingridients on how to dispirse glamour by using a four leaf clover. i’ll type in the ingridients as written on the recipe i have. By Means Of Fairy Ointment fairy ointment is a salve made by fairies sometimes given to favoured mortals. An Ungt To Annoynt Under The Eylidds And Upon the eylidds evninge and morninge. viall glasse, washed with rose water and marygold water, the flowers gathered toward the east. OYLE budds of holyhocke,
    toppes of wildtime,
    budds of younghazle,
    gathered neare the side of a hill where fayries go oft,
    Grasse of fayrie throne. Put all into oyle into the glasse and sett it to dissolve 3 days in the sonne, and thou keep it for thy use. exactly how it is spelled on the paper lol :P

  11. Hi,
    I am truly fascinated by talk of Faeries,I’m 13 and I see strange things such as people that seem to disappear or have a green or brown tint to their skin. The people around me don’t see them, my mum said she saw similar things when she was younger but stopped when a friend gave her an ‘enchanted’ pendant to ward evil away. However children grow fond of me quickly and animals often follow me. My skin and hair are pale and so are my little brother and sister (My Mother is similar but she has red hair) we also spend hours in forests, we feel at home their. Quite a few people have called us faye like jokingly…

  12. Poem
    Would you believe it true
    If I said you had faery blood in you?
    Would you respond with glee?
    You are often close to hilarity.
    Do your eyes sparkle
    Do they darkle?
    Do you have longings?
    Impossible heart strongings?
    Well, then, ahaps you have blood faery
    Like me!

  13. wow wow wow.
    i am in utter shock about what i am finding out and its honestly the best feeling in the world. Yesterday i did my first ever guided astral travel and man what a feeling. right after that i found a wonderful girl on youtube named Alura Cein, she came right at the perfect time and i just had the most amazing ritualistic calming bath and then my fairies i guess lead me to this site, i play celtic music in my home all the time so i wonder if they have been my guides this whole time? before finding this site i bought a pack of celtic fairie tarot cards last year and the question and root card always matches the actual question. so wow thank you fairies!

  14. Hello — came across your site when I was researching ‘faerie gardens’ because a little cousin is making one with her mom and dad…. anyways, here’s the question: when I was young — from about 6-11 or 12 or 13…. (over 50 years ago) I used to see tiny people — the size that could fit on the tip of my finger; not only at bedtime but that was when I could spend the most time with them; there was a village of them; floppy hats and shoes; one of them was the ‘sandman’ who would sprinkle sand in my eyes to help me sleep. All of them were friendly and so very kind and playful; I would ‘conjure’ them into clarity by what I perceived as the ‘dots’ in the air; I would soften my gaze to notice the dots and then the little people could be seen. I don’t know when they stopped letting me see them; I guess as puberty approached, or I moved…. I don’t know. What were they. I deeply miss them sometimes, and wish I could see them again — if only to say I have not forgotten them and appreciate the time I did have with them; and am grateful for the experience.

  15. Hello, trying to glean more information regarding faeries and if ‘they’ might be responsible for things (including my wedding ring) disappearing in my home. I’ve asked for things to be returned and my daughters invisalign reappeared in mid-air and fell to ground (I kid you not). But with all my glitches happening in the last month (a whole other story) and things disappearing — i’m at my wits end. Some I’ll chalk up to my memory, glitches etc but not things going missing….feel as if something is playing me a bit:) Thank you Fiona for all your research.

    1. Jana, it’s best if you talk out loud to the faeries and tell them to stop doing whatever-it-is. Sometimes, that works.

      At other times, what seems to help the most is tidying and decluttering. They seem to like things “just so,” and – when they’re being especially annoying – the simplest solution is usually to placate them.

      The invisalign reappearance is odd. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a story like it. But, as long as it’s not accompanied by phenomena we’d otherwise call “poltergeist,” I’d just figure it’s an especially mischievous faerie. And then I’d start tidying & decluttering. I’m sure the experience was unsettling.

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