Ultimate Fairies Handbook – Review

Ultimate Fairies HandbookThe Ultimate Fairies Handbook by Susannah Marriott offers 432 pages of charming illustrations and articles related to the faerie (or fairy) world.

Ms. Marriott is a British writer who recently moved to Cornwall, home of the “piskies” (discussed in my podcast, Flying Faeries – fairies that fly).  She’s been featured in the Weekend Guardian and Daily Record, and broadcasted on BBC Radio 4.

The Ultimate Fairies Handbook is described as ” a modern classic – a must-have addition to every fairy enthusiasts library.”  I agree.  Classic (and lovely) illustrations of faeries alternate with short stories, poetry, facts and folklore, and information about the faerie world.

I especially like this book because it doesn’t try to dazzle you with a lovely cover, and then leave you disappointed when you start reading it.

This is a book you’ll use as a starting point for more in-depth research.  You’re even more likely to keep it next to your bed, to read a little about the faeries each night before drifting off to happy dreams.

For me, this Ultimate Fairies Handbook is more entertaining than a fairy encyclopedia.  It’s certainly not as tedious as academic studies of the fae (or fairy) world, but this wasn’t assembled as a “just the facts” book.

This book provides lots of information, folklore, and delightful thoughts about faeries, and more rich illustrations than most books in this category.

Faerie enthusiasts will want to own a copy of this book.  It is charming and filled with happy images, prose and poetry.  If you love faeries, The Ultimate Fairies Handbook is truly a “something for everyone” kind of book.