Blurry spheres of light – What faeries really look like

Most of the faeries that we see (and that other people notice in our home) look like blurry spheres of light. Usually–probably 95% of the time–I see them as white or very pale yellow. Sometimes they are pink, or blue, or darkish grey.

I don’t think that the darker ones are “bad”. They’re just a different color, or perhaps I just perceive them that way.

faeries over my sewing table
what faeries would look like
over my sewing table
Because they’re not usually distinct, it’s difficult to describe the exact size of them. On average, I’d guess that they range between the size of a ping pong ball, and the size of a tennis ball. (Remember: These are not real photos – I created them to show you what I see.)
faeries on mona
what faeries would look like,
visiting Mona at the Louvre
These spheres appear in daytime and night, with no apparently “favorite” time to appear.Sometimes they blink in and out like a light switch was turned on and off. This is rare. Usually, they seem to fly into another dimension, and fade from sight gradually.

They are not brighter at night.They move at varying speeds. They do not move when my eye does, as a “floater” would.

Sometimes they hover for a split-second. Usually, they’re moving.

Sometimes you’ll see them out of the corner of your eye. Usually you’ll see them directly.

They are clearly part of the environment. They don’t appear to fly through furniture, but fly around it. I never confuse them with a reflection on my reading glasses.

They only vaguely resemble reflections off passing cars. However, they aren’t usually such distinct shapes as reflections are.

Sometimes, faeries fly between two of us, when we’re talking. This is what causes skeptical visitors to ask, “What’s that?”


If you see lights like this out of the corner of your eye, and they seem to move when your eye does, or, if you see “fireworks” out of the corner of one eye, see your doctor immediately. Some medical conditions can cause this type of visual impression; many of them are easiest to treat if discovered early.

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  1. Just thought I would leave you with what I saw and they were faery’s..I saw hundred’s of white dancing lights…when I focused on them they turned into like a light blue circle…they were just beautiful…I dropped to my knees and cried…I sought out a lady who know’s alot about faery’s which is how I found out what I was looking at and she said they were healing my inner child which is why I cried…I had this experience one other time and was told I was crazy so now I am very careful who I talk to about what I see.

    1. Last night on Halloween Oct. 31st 2019 I was cleansing and charging my crystals after my brother and his wife went to the store. And then putting the energy of different colors into them with visualization. Now I am sensetive and can do this thing where I can feel the energetuc imprints of rocks. I walked into the front room and started letting myself sense the rock and i could see a deep, vibrant, purple aura around the rock. I had never seen this before and knew that it was because I charged it with colored energies, purple being last. As i began to scan my body for the feelings that I get from the rocks a baseball sized light with the brightness and intensity of a welding spark flashed past me to about seven feet in front of me, which sounded like a humming bird fluttering as the light flickered and then sparked out of view. I tried communicating with it to no avail. Then waited for my brother and his wife to get back deciding if I should even tell them in fear of sounding like a lunatic. Then about two hours later, I went outside to smoke a cigarette and something tugged on my pants leg. And I couldn’t see anything there at all. It was the bottom of my pant leg so it had to be very short in stature. The closest thing I have ever seen or heard stories about are sprites, which was a story that a woman had told on the internet years ago of lights that would travel around her room frequently. Does anyone have any more information on these things?

  2. In a dream I saw a white blurry golf ball size light– a bit smaller than a golf ball actually- In this dream, it was resting on the ground right under our rose bush- It flew up onto one of the leaves and rested there. I stared at it — and thought, “why, that’s a faery!” While staring at it through my window (in the dream) this Light spoke to me telepathically , saying, “It is time” and I woke up right after that — which was a good thing too as my alarm clock had already gone off, and I’d have been late for work.

    Three other times I saw a sparkly pink comet-like light zoom through our back yard– one other time fly over our apple tree, and the last time , dancing about our living room ceiling while I was playing music for the faeries to enjoy on my CD player.

    The last light I saw was this past December– coming home from our local shopping mall and entering the highway exit, I saw a red non blinking light (the size of a golfball) fly off the ground from the right side of the exit, fly up and over the car in front of me and fly to the trees on the other side of the road exit. I am never prepared when I see these lights– and I have to take a double-take to realize what I just saw— :-)

    In May 31, 2008, I had my first faery encounter where I didnt see a faery light- but actually saw a faery being resting in my hair–looking at me face to face– and she was as clear and solid looking as anyone on this planet. I was only able to see her for about 1 minute before she dissapeared. Maybe the lights are these Being’s energy field we are seeing ! Our eyes are able to see their energy, and sometimes our eyes are even more open enough to see them plainly. (?)

    Knowing the faeries exist has really encouraged me to take alot more concern and care for our Earth, plants, animals, etc.

  3. Yours have no temporal preferance? Really? Here, the little blue and white balls of light only seem to come out at the time of day the yellow fireflies would – just after sunset. My favourite time of day, as well; good taste, in my oppinion.


  4. from my memory i can’t recall a blurry light but i know i saw something when one day (quite a few years ago) i was standing in my front yard with my brothers when a tree at least a mile away looked as though it were on fire (at least one or two branches) and then a white light or a beam of some sort appeared and it seemed to shoo the “Fire” away and then both annomilies dissapeared.(the fire stayed for a few minutes before it dissapeared) me and my brothers had no idea what it was but i think it might have been a large group of fairies or as we joked that day “It might be the devil sitting on that tree until god kicked him out and back to where he came from” however i still stick to the theory that it was something to do with the fairies.

  5. oh wow! Fairies are my favorite things to paint. When I am doing art and I’m really into it and feel inspired with energy the paper begins to sparkle. I never really understood what it was about, but I wonder if it has to do with this? Maybe they help me to paint?
    they told me how to see them 4 years ago. the first exercise they told me to look at my hand and see around it and all sides at once. the second part took powerfull concentration forwardly at a point.. and that was like going into another layer of whats there.. im sorry that probably doesnt help
    if you do see this spectrum, remember theres many many spirits, not just faeries. though they are my favorite

  6. Aa-oothoo-bih-laahee-minash-shaytaun-neer-rajeem…These phenomena and more are explained in detail by islam. Only muslims know exactly what to say and do to refute this kind of evil. Alhamdulilah!

  7. To day I think I saw a fairy,a white one,but it could have been a dandelion. Although it seemed as it had wings. I couldn’t believe it!

  8. My class went on a field trip to Gilbert run ( a nature park) and when my friends and i were hiking, just between the trees and the parking lot I saw a blue light with a transparent blue middle. I asked out loud “what was that?” But it had already disappeared.

  9. I repeatedly see little balls of light in the sky, when I used to go out for walks with my family they used to just hover above trees, moving alongside me about 4 or 5 metres away, what surprised me was when I told my mum, she couldn’t see them, neither could my dad or little brother. My brother has come into contact with pixies so I was just wondering what I keep seeing.

  10. But… I thought fairies looked like tiny people…… Do different types of fairies just look different?

  11. What about large glowing balls of fog? I have seen seven of them and they followed me as I drove home at night. I live in the country where there is lots of forest. I just always figured it might have been faeries following me.

    1. Heather, I have no idea whether those were faeries or something else. I’ve read accounts of similar encounters, and people usually thought they were somehow UFO related. However, most people who accept UFOs seem (oddly) to reject the faerie concept… so I shrug and let them insist the balls of light were UFOs or aliens.

      If it seemed fae to you, that’s good enough for me.

      All in all, we haven’t a clue, and we’re guessing. However, I’m a firm believer in intuition and “gut feelings,” so I tend to trust the individual’s innate reaction to whatever the phenomena are.

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