Believing in Faeries

Faeries podcast - free - Believing in faeriesPutting aside her usual scientific and sociological tone, faerie researcher Fiona Broome explains why believing in faeries is so exciting.

Faerie / fairy podcasts - Believing in faeriesShe starts by explaining that people around the world believed in faeries (or entities like them) through the early 20th century.  Then, the tidal wave of science smashed the dreams of faerie believers by calling their ideals mere “fantasies.”

However, despite the disapproval by many, people continue to believe in faeries and the fae world.

This goes beyond the “Ooh, cool!” exclamations of some science fiction enthusiasts.  It’s more of an affinity for faeries, mermaids, dragons, and the ideals (and personalities) of King Arthur’s court.

Faerie believers aren’t just wishing that faeries were real.  They believe in them. From the first time these people encounter a “fairy tale” or something related to the faerie-fantasy realm, there’s a deep sense of recognition.  It’s an “ah-HA!” moment, and sometimes a sense of finding home.

Science changes its mind

Keep in mind that the rules of 20th century science don’t necessarily apply today.  Look into the discoveries and mysteries of gravity, and how that relates to quantum science and membrane studies.

Also consider Dr. Fred Wolf’s views on dreams and alternate realities, as presented in What the Bleep? and other intriguing studies.  He presents wonderful “what if..?” questions.

Fiona talks about topics like these, and how they may related to the real world of faeries.

Book review

This podcast includes a brief review of The Ultimate Fairies Handbook, by Susannah Marriott.  (Fiona’s more complete review is at

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2 thoughts on “Believing in Faeries”

  1. Will you ever discuss other topics like the djinn, angels and demons, vampires and werewolves, and other mythical mystical creatures? When will we expect to hear more essays and podcasts on the faerie realm? See you in the realm.

  2. I definetly believe in Faeries. How can they not be real?
    And I am also with Rylie, will you ever do different topics? I also like vampire and angels. I’m really interested in things like this.
    Will there be more things of Faeries?

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